Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Canada

One remarkable development in Marketing in the last decade is Video Marketing. With more and more marketers exploring it, Canada is not behind.

Canadian Organizations and marketers are not just creating great Video marketing campaigns but disrupting the way its been done.

So, in order to recognize prominent Video Marketers, we compiled a list of Top 25 who have created amazing video marketing campaigns. The idea is also to help budding marketers to learn from these disruptors.

Check out the list. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. Aila Morin – Director of Brand Marketing, Mejuri

Aila Morin

2. Andrew Graham – Co-founder & CEO, Borrowell

Andrew Graham

3. Corinne Schmid – VP of Marketing, Scribblelive

Corinne Schmid

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4. Cyd Crouse – President & CMO, Muse

Cyd Crouse

5. Elizabeth Gladney – VP of Marketing, Flipgive

Elizabeth Gladney

6. Eric Arnold – CEO, Planswell

Eric Arnold

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7. Harry Chemko – Co-founder & CEO, Elastic Path

Harry Chemko

8. Karen Sterling – VP of Marketing, Inkbox

Karen Sterling

9. Katie Liston – Head Of Marketing, Monkey Contact

Katie Liston

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10. Kevin Banderk – CMO / CRO, ecobee

Kevin Banderk

11. Kim Hong – SVP of Marketing, Trulioo

Kim Hong

12. Larysa Wood – Director – Marketing, Miovision

Larysa Wood

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13. Lory Ajamian – VP of Marketing, Lightspeed

Lory Ajamian

14. Michael Grimes – VP – Marketing, Touchbistro

Michael Grimes

15. Mira Soullen – Vice President, Marketing, Fundrazr

Mira Soullen

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16. Nadya Khoja – Chief Growth Officer, Venngage

Nadya Khoja

17. Nick Stein – Chief Marketing Officer, Top Hat

Nick Stein

18. Nick White – Head of Marketing, Wealthsimple

Nick White

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19. Nicolas Lee – President & CEO, Woozworld

Nicolas Lee

20. Randy Frisch – CMO, Uberflip

Randy Frisch

21. Ransom Hawley – Founder & CEO Caddle Inc.

Ransom Hawley


22. Richard Cohene – CMO, Busbud

Richard Cohene

23. Sam Dennis – Chief Marketing Officer, Coinsquare

Sam Dennis

24. Syed Rizvi – Director of Sales and Marketing, Healthy Planet

Syed Rizvi

25. Tommy Key – Director Of Marketing & Media, Transformer Table

Tommy Key

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