Creative Global Video Production Price: A Comprehensive Guide (2020)


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  • Explainer Video Price starts from $300 for 60 seconds.

  • Animation video price majorly depends on – amount of customization (quality), duration of the video, scriptwriting, and voice over.

  • We follow “Milestone based Payment terms” where you can kick off the project with just 10% refundable amount

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We at believe that Video Production should be easy, efficient and cost effective

When it comes to producing Videos, there are 3 major sub parts

  1. Script Writing
  2. Video Creation and
  3. Professional Project Management

Generic online marketplaces like Upwork/ Fiverr etc. only help with matchmaking for video creation and thus ineffective.

We solve this problem by providing below featured on top of a marketplace

  1. Creative Script Writing
  2. Milestone based payment terms
  3. Agency like professional project management
  4. Help with Youtube SEO

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Video Production Pricing Guide

The first question we get at from 9 out of 10 prospective clients is that – Please let me know an idea of your pricing?

So in order to help Marketers and Businesses globally, we decided to create this video pricing guide to  decode the video production services pricing.

The idea is to make it easier for Organizations to figure out the right marketing video production cost and devise their  video marketing strategy accordingly.

In this article, you will learn

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What are different types of Animation styles for Businesses?

Motion graphics

In these kinds of videos, graphics come and go on screen (Graphics are in motion). The Voiceover or text in the video is added to communicate the content.

communicate the content.

These are most  impactful and the best investment considering the video marketing services costs.

The motion graphics price is calculated on a per minute basis.

Whiteboard Animation

A video style similar to explaining something on a White Board. Basically a static image is drawn on a white board with a voice over narrative.

Effective for explaining a concept but visually it might not look as appealing as Motion Graphics.

2D Character Animation

Animation style where a character is shown and animated with expressions. Objects and characters have a motion only in 2 dimensional space.

Effective in conveying emotions.

3D Animation

In this Animation style, another dimension is added to make the animation realistic. This video style requires effort for every second of video created and hence the pricing of such videos is on ‘per second’ basis.

What are the elements that determine Animation Explainer video production price?

Animated video production cost depends on following elements

  • Duration: Cost of video production is directly proportional to duration. More the duration – More the price
  • Script/ Concept: Price for this is subjective and depends on creativity/ storytelling of video creator
  • Voice Over: Generally, VO price are per minute based and could vary based on quality and voice of Voice over artist
  • Quality – Amount of customization of Animation/ Graphics .

Milestone based Payment Terms

Unlike other video production marketplaces, we at Vidsaga follow User friendly – “Milestone based payment structure” so that you actually see the work before you pay.

Here is how it works:

  • 10% (refundable) – to kick off the project
  • 30% – after script approval
  • 30% – after the first draft
  • 30% – after final approval

Creative and Professional Video Production Price

The below video production price packages include

  1. Creative Script Writing Fee
  2. Video Creation and
  3. Accountability & Timely delivery

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Tool based Animation (Basic Quality) : Price – $300 to $500*

* Price is in USD

These type of animations are made using DIY tools. These tools have limited graphics and have their own constraints.

Having said that it’s a good way to get started with video marketing as these videos are cost effective.

Most freeleance video creators at generic marketplaces create tool based animation.

Good quality – Semi customized Animation : Price – $500 – $800

A semi customized video with less animation. These are generally use to explain product functionality.

High quality – Fully customized Animation: Price – $1000 $600 – $1800 $1000**

** Price is valid till November 30′ 2020

A completely customised video with all the characters, background and graphics are created from scratch to give a unique & fresh look to the video.

30 second video production price for this quality would be $550

Please note: Price is for the 60 to 120 seconds range.

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What other types of Videos Startups and SMEs use Vidsaga for?

Editing Videos: Price starts from – $50

If you want to outsource any editing, post production, screencasting, trailer video for an event etc. 

Social Media Videos: Price – $100

I guess we do not have to tell you what these videos are used for. 

These videos are generally made to educate or entertain or edutain our audience. The major factor for the success of social media video content is consistency. These videos gradually grow our audience base and with time build the company’s credibility.

Social Media video production cost is generally considered as a marketing investment to build the audience over a period. .

Presentation videos: Price – $150

Presentation videos can be considered as a simpler version of corporate videos and a better option than a powerpoint presentation.

Youtube/Instagram video ads: Price – $200

We all have seen skippable and unskippable ads on Youtube. The challenge with these 6 to 30 second-er videos is to get the messaging right. 

One tip is to think like a newspaper or print ad which conveys one key message and then convert that ad copy into an audio visual format.

This Youtube video production cost has 2 elements – concept and graphics editing.

Please note: Price is for the 60 to 120 seconds range.

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Hope this article answers the most frequently asked questions – how to price video production and how video marketing pricing is calculated.

About Vidsaga

Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Startups & SMBs to create Videos and save money.

Consider it as “Upwork/ Fiverr dedicatedly for videos” with Creative script writing and Agency like professional project management service.

The idea is to add Technology, Creativity and Transparency in the highly unorganized Global Video Production service industry and make  easy, efficient and cost effective video production process for 50 million+ global startups and SMEs. 

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