Video Production Cost: Everything you want to know about

  • Animation video price majorly depends on Type of animation, Duration of the video, Script writing and type of voice over. Price range would be $300 to $1800.

  • Live shoot non-fiction video (like Corporate, Testimonial videos etc) price depends on – no. of days of production, Type and duration of graphics, stock footage, script writing and video duration. Price range would be $300 to $2000

  • Ad films or Video Marketing Campaign video is dependent on the creative script writing and no. of elements present in the script. Price generally starts from $2000

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Figuring out video production cost is a big hassle for marketers especially if you are trying to create your first video.

The first question we get at from 9 out of 10 prospective clients is that – ‘this is my requirement’ – can you let me know the video production pricing for this?

So in order to help Marketers globally and bring transparency to Unorganised Video Creation market, we took this initiative to decode the video production pricing guide.

The idea is to make easier for Organizations to figure out the right price of their video.

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In this article, you will learn

Q. What are different types of Animation styles?
Q. What are the elements involved to determine animation video production cost?
Q. How to define the quality of Animation Video ?
Q. What are the 3 phases of Live shoot Video ?
Q. What are the factors responsible for video production cost?
Q. How does the quality of live shoot video effects price ?

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Broadly we can divide the videos in 2 categories

 1. Animation Videos 

What are different types of Animation styles?

Motion graphics

In these kinds of videos, graphics come and go (Graphics are in motion). The Voiceover or text in the video is added to communicate the content. Motion graphics pricing majorly depends on the duration of video, type of voice over and script. 

Whiteboard Animation

A video style similar to explain something on a White Board. Basically a static image is drawn on a white board with a voice over narrative.

Effective for explaining a concept but visually it might not look as appealing as ‘Motion Graphics.

2D Character Animation

Animation style where a character is shown and animated with expressions. Objects and characters have a motion only in 2 dimensional space.

Effective in conveying emotions.

3D Animation

In this Animation style, another dimension is added to make the animation realistic. This video style requires effort for every second of video created and hence the pricing of such videos is on ‘per second’ basis.

What are the elements involved to determine Animation video production cost?

Animated video production cost depends on following elements

  • Duration: Price is directly proportional to duration. More the duration – More the price
  • Script: Price for this is subjective and depends on creativity/ storytelling of video creator
  • Voice Over: Generally, VO price are per minute based and could vary based on quality and voice of Voice over artist
  • Animation quality.

How to define the quality of animation video?

Basic quality : Price – $300 to $500*

An animation which is made using DIY tools. These tools have limited graphics and have their own constraints. Having said that it’s a good way to get started with video marketing.

Good quality : Price – $500 – $900

A slightly customized video with less of animation.

High quality: Price – $1000 – $1800

A completely customised video with all the graphics and animation are created by animator

*Price is for 60 to 120 seconds range.

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2. Live shoot Videos

What are the 3 phases of live shoot ?


This involves script writing and all the preparation for Shoot. For example:

  • Casting and technician hiring
  • Location
  • Costume
  • Procuring props
  • All other activities need to be done to do shoot

2. Production

This refers to actual shoot 

3. Post Production

This is the stage where you assemble the video and make it an engaging audio video content. This involved editing plus adding

  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Voice over
  • Color correction
  • Stock Footage^

^Stock footage are the premade videos which can be used directly for our storytelling so that we don’t have to shoot it again.

For example: Shutter Stock Videos

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What are the factors responsible for Live shoot video production cost ?

Live shoot videos are more complex than Animation videos as they have many more elements involved. 

Live shoot non fiction videos are generally Corporate Videos, Client Testimonial videos, Product videos etc.

The major variables which decide the cost for video production are:

No. of days of production – We hire technicians & equipments to shoot a video and for both we pay on a daily basis. 

Video production cost per day is considered. Therefore ‘No. of days of production’ directly and significantly affect the Live shoot video production cost.

Duration of the video – Duration’s role is not as significant as it is for Animation video but it plays a role in editing cost. More the duration, more would be the editing cost.

Script writing – same as Animation

Type and duration of graphics – You could consider this as a small animation video in itself which would be integrated with larger video during editing


Stock footage – Pricing depends on per footage,  extra cost for additional stock footage

How does the quality affects cost of video production?

Quality of a video can be defined in 2 ways

1. Video display quality

This is how we define as SD, HD, Full HD, 2k, 4k

So HD is 720p

Full HD is 1080p and is equivalent to 1k

You can now figure out 2k and 4k

Highest quality which Youtube can process is Full HD and almost every digital camera can produce a 1k output. For 2k and 4k there are specialised cameras and generally this quality is needed for movies

Majority of all digital videos we see are Full HD and below. So as an Organization or marketer, you need not have to worry about display quality as there is no extra cost involved

2. Video Production quality

This determines the price of the video as quality here refers to

  • No. of cameras and their quality
  • No. and type of of lights
  • No. of mics and quality of sound recorders
  • Experience of the technicians

Are you low on budget ? then you should focus more on storytelling and less on production quality.

And if storytelling or content is interesting, then users do not pay much attention to production quality but the vice versa is not true.

Or you have sufficient budget, then you can look for high production quality as well.

Basic quality – Price – $300 to $700

Good quality : Price – $800 – $2000

High quality : Price – $2000+ 

Note: This analysis chart of live shoot is applicable to corporate video production costs, promotional video production cost and marketing video production cost.

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