Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in United Kingdom

Video Content Marketing is fast becoming the go to format for the marketers across the globe.

From Bootstrapped startups to funded startups and from small businesses to large organizations are making videos. In order to make the world aware about the great video marketing content and people behind them, we are compiling a country wise list of Video Marketing Disruptors.

This article is part of the series and contains the list of Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in UK

Check out the list. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. Abba Newbery – Chief Marketing Officer, Habito

Abba Newbery

2. Alex Smilansky – Co-Founder & CEO, Mayku

Alex Smilansky

3. Alexander Straub – Co-Founder, Truphone

Alexander Straub

4. Aron Gelbard – Co-Founder and CEO, Bloom & Wild

Aron Gelbard

5. Audelia Boker – CMO | VP Marketing, Glassbox

Audelia (Picovsky) Boker

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6. Chad West – Director, Marketing & Comms, Revolut

Chad West

7. Charlotte Oates – Head of Marketing, Moneybox

Charlotte Oates

8. Chris Forbes – Co-Founder, The Cheeky Panda

Chris Forbes

9. Chris Sumbler – Performance Marketing Director, Transferwise

Chris Sumbler

10. Darren Goode – President, Corporate & Commercial, Elvie

Darren Goode

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11. Ed Hughes – Chief Marketing Officer, PurpleBricks

Ed Hughes

12. Hayden W. – Co-founder / CEO, Bulb

Hayden W.

13. Inés Ures – Chief Marketing Officer, Deliveroo

Inés Ures

14. James Arnall – Marketing Director, Perkbox

James Arnall

15. Jamie Crosson – Digital Marketing Director, Starling Bank

Jamie Crosson

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16. Joan Costello – Head of Marketing, Depop

Joan Costello

17. Michael Rolph – CEO & Co-founder, Yoyo wallet

Michael Rolph

18. Neil Morgan – CMO, Gocardless

Neil Morgan

19. Nuria García – Digital Marketing Director, WorldRemit

Nuria García

20. Patrick Pordage – Head of Marketing, CMR Surgical

Patrick Pordage

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21. Rene Rechtman – Co-Founder & CEO, Moonbug

Rene Rechtman

22. Stephanie Wilks-Wiffen – Head of Marketing, eToro

Stephanie Wilks-Wiffen

23. Timo Boldt – CEO & Founder, Gousto

Timo Boldt

24. Todd Latham – Chief Growth Officer, Currencycloud

Todd Latham

25. Tristan Thomas – VP Marketing, Monzo

Tristan Thomas


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