Invitation to join Global Video Marketers Community

We at Vidsaga are building a first of its kind – Global Video Marketers Community.

TLDR – join the community here.

Objective of the community?

To create a learning space for Video Marketers to have fun with like minded people, get engaged in meaningful conversations and help & learn from fellow community members.

Who the Global Video Marketers community is for?

Video Marketing experts, Video Marketing Aspirants, Video Marketing evangelists, Video Marketing enthusiasts, Video Marketing Influencers, startup founders, innovators across the globe to interact and grow their businesses.

Why we are building this?

We are super passionate for everything related to Videos. So we realise we need to learn from other people/ experts who share the same passion for the videos and video marketing.

And we know there are many people in the world with the same condition. So we took this initiative to create a community space to help Video marketers like us.

What happens in the community?

We have started with Online Networking. We have an ’email list’ to which we share Video Marketing knowledge

  • Interviews of prominent Video Experts
  • Stories of successful Video Marketing campaigns
  • Video Marketing latest news and trends
  • Video Marketing Quiz

We will be planning and doing City wise meet-ups shortly

Who all are part of the community?

  • Phil Starkovich – CEO, ‘TUBE Buddy’
  • Marcin Dudkiewicz Founder & CEO – ViralStat
  • Video Marketing Specialist – Chris Schwager
  • Mike Melli – Co-founder – Miss Malini
  • Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Co-founder SilverSparrow

And 1800+ Video Marketers more

Check out the interviews of the prominent Video Marketers

This community is not for

  • Direct Sales
  • Spammer

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