Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Middle East

The most definitive marketing trend of this decade has to be Video Marketing.

From Startups to Corporate, everyone had adopted and created video content in this last decade. So, In order to celebrate these video marketing efforts, we at Vidsaga decided to draw up a single list of “Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Middle East”

This hasn’t been easy. For starters, there are many videos and video marketers out there!

After months of back and forth, we whittled down what we thought are top disruptors. These marketers who pushed the boundaries of creativity and gave us these gems of videos.

Check out the disruptors. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. Abdulaziz F Aljouf – Founder & CEO, Paytabs Co

Abdulaziz F Aljouf

2. Abhishek Dubey – Head of Marketing,

Abhishek Dubey

3. Agnieszka Kostrubiec – Chief Marketing Officer at eyewa

Agnieszka Kostrubiec

4. Ali Abulhasan – Co-Founder & CEO, Tap

Ali Abulhasan

5. Ali Tazami – Co-Founder & CEO, Inggez

Ali Tazami

6. Amir Barsoum – Founder & CEO,

Amir Barsoum

7. Ammar Waganah – CEO & Co-Founder,

Ammar Waganah

8. Charu Pandey – Head Of Marketing, Ziwo

Charu Pandey

9. Dalal Al-Oqab – Deputy Marketing Director, Boutiqaat

Dalal Al-Oqab

10. Gaurav Biswas – CEO, TruKKer

Gaurav Biswas

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11. Guido Mancassola – SVP Marketing, Jumia Group

Guido Mancassola

12. Hazem Safwat Taher – Global Marketing Head, Swvl

Hazem Safwat Taher

13. Hussam Hammo – CEO, Tamatem

Hussam Hammo

14. Jon Richards – CEO, yallacompare

Jon Richards

15. Junaid Wahedna – Group CEO, Wahed

Junaid Wahedna

16. Khaled Zaatarah – Co-Founder, 360VUZ

Khaled Zaatarah

17. Nadine Mezher – Co-Founder, Sarwa

Nadine Mezher

18. Naif Alsmri – COO/CMO, MRSOOL

Naif Alsmri

19. Özgür Akyüz – Head of Marketing. Bayzat

Özgür Akyüz

20. Rami Al-Qawasmi – Founder & CEO,

Rami Al-Qawasmi


21. Salah Mustafa – VP – Digital Marketing (MENA),

22. Sandy Özdemir – Marketing Director, GoldenScent

Sandy Özdemir

23. Yasser Hadi – CEO, Malaeb Limited

Yasser Hadi

24. Yvonne Morgan – Head of Global Brand Marketing, Careem

Yvonne Morgan

25. Ziad ElAdawy – CEO & Co-founder, Tripdizer

Ziad ElAdawy

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