Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Singapore

The World is witnessing an emergence of Video Marketing and Singapore is not far behind.

There are many fearless video marketers who have created innovative video marketing campaigns. In order to recognise these people, we at Vidsaga have curated a list of video marketing disruptors.

For this we watched 100s of campaigns, discussed and then finally decided to shortlist these people.

Check out the list. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. Arihant Jain – Co-Founder, Seekify

Arihant Jain

2. Arrif Ziaudeen – CEO, Chope

Arrif Ziaudeen

3. Aung Kyaw Moe – Founder & Group CEO, 2C2P

Aung Kyaw Moe

4. Chang Chen – Global Media Head, Bigo Live

Chang Chen

5. Charif El-Ansari – CEO & Director, Dropsuite

Charif El-Ansari

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6. Cheryl Goh – Group VP of Marketing|Founding CMO, Grab

Cheryl Goh

7. Darius Cheung – Founder & CEO,

Darius Cheung

8. David Harling – Chief Marketing Officer, MoneySmart

David Harling

9. Fei Fei Ho – EVP Corporate Marketing, Trax

Fei Fei Ho

10. Henry Chan – CEO & Co-founder, Shopback

Henry Chan

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11. Jane Cruz-Walker – Vice President Marketing, Hooq

Jane Cruz-Walker

12. Jessica Lim – Head Of Marketing, Honestbee

Jessica Lim

13. Joseph Ng – Director & CEO, Skyfy

Joseph Ng

14. Lise Kay – Chief Marketing Officer, Airtrunk

Lise Kay

15. Loi Luu – Co-Founder and CEO, KyberNetwork

Loi Luu

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16. Lui ChuianFeng – Founder, Dining Butler

Lui ChuianFeng

17. Malcolm Rodrigues – CEO and co-founder, MyRepublic

Malcolm Rodrigues

18. Manisha Seewal – Group CMO, Carro

Manisha Seewal

19. Michelle Yip – CMO, Lazada

Michelle Yip

20. Nobu Okada – Founder and CEO, Astroscale

Nobu Okada

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21. Rajesh Lingappa – Co-founder & CTO, RedMart

Rajesh Lingappa

22. Rishi Israni – Founder & Inventor, Rotimatic

Rishi Israni

23. Tan Han Sing – Founder, Tueetor

Tan Han Sing

24. Tushar Gidwani – Marketing Director, Zilingo

Tushar Gidwani

25. Walter de Oude – CEO, Singlife

Walter de Oude

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