Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors (Globally)

Video Marketing is evolving across the globe and many people are contributing towards that growth.

And we at Vidsaga have taken this initiative to highlight the prominent people who are shaking things up and disrupting the video marketing space.

With this in mind, we present the list of Vidsaga’s “Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors for the year 2019”.

These are the innovators in Video Marketing space who have disrupted things, ignited conversations and created new/ simple/ unique ways of video marketing.

This list was created by Team Vidsaga. For the last few months, we figured out the names, discussed the achievements and struggled with who is truly a disruptor. And finally, we decided that these are.

These are the 25 Global Video Marketing Disruptors

MPhil Starkovich - CEO, Tubebuddy

Phil Starkovich CEO -TubeBuddy (USA)

Creator of disruptive Youtube analytics tool – TubeBuddy

Chris Schwager Video Marketing Specialist at Ridge Films (Australia)

He built Australia’s finest video marketing company Ridge Films

Marcin Dudkiewicz Founder/CEO – ViralStat (Poland)

Marcin created ViralStat – A unique Social media video analytics tool

Mohamed Salah YouTube Growth Strategist – NoSteroids (Egypt)

Mohamed is inspiring many to take up Youtube Video Marketing.

benny Mazier, Marketing Solution STL

Benny Mazzier – Marketing Solutions (USA)

Benny created a niche YouTube Channel for Automotive video marketing

Charlene Stackle CVM, Action Arrow Media (USA)

She has helped many female entrepreneurs in making impact through videos.

Daron Powers Video Marketer – Video Marketing Edge (USA)

He is contributing in video and content marketing from last 30 years

Aashish Chopra VP of Video Content – Ixigo (India)

He has completely owned Enterprise Video Content Marketing

Renee Teely, Content Strategist – Powtoon (USA)

She runs a successful show on video marketing strategy – #MakeItAwesome

Simon Banks, Owner/Founder – Tallbou (UK)

He founded and led 5 media companies over last 20 years.

Scott Simson. CEO – Video Marketing World (USA)

He conceptualized the disruptive Video Marketing World Conference.

Sean Cannel video marketing disruptor

Sean Cannell, Founder – Think Media (USA)

He has built a 7-figure Online Video Education Company

Mehmat Niyazi Founder at Alomay

Mehmet Niyazi, Founder – Alomay (UK)

He is the face behind managing one of the fastest funded Kickstarter campaigns ever

Roberto Blake, Awesome Creator Academy (USA)

He produced 1200+ awesome educational videos focusing on Social Media

Derrel Eves, Video Marketing Strategist, VidSummit (USA)

VidSummit – A Youtube and video marketing conference is designed by him.

Jia Jian Ho, Co-Founder/CEO – Viddsee (Singapore)

He created leading video entertainment platform for short premium content.

Stephane Roulland, CEO – DaCast (USA)

He built the best Video Streaming platform for small and medium businesses.

Julia Enthoven, Founder – Kapwing (USA)

Julia created Kapwing – easy and simple online Social video editor tool.

Jon Youshaei Product Marketing, Instagram

Jon Youshaei, Product Marketing, Instagram (USA)

He has cracked the code for viral videos

Sam Lister video marketing disruptor

Sam Lister, Founder – BLNK Slate Media (USA)

He helped multiple Organizations to grow through video content.

Rene Rechtman, CEO – Moonbug Entertainment (UK)

He owns multiple YouTube channels with “Million+” Subscribers.

Tim Schmoyer Youtube video strategist

Tim Schmoyer, YouTube Video Strategist (USA)

He has helped his clients to reach 14 billion views organically (and 61 million subscribers)

Oren Schmulevich, CEO at Cincopa (Isreal)

Oren created Cincopa – A superb video hosting and analytics tool

Sanket Shah, CEO at Invideo (India)

User-Friendly and easy to use tool – Invideo is created by Sanket

Daniel Waller, Social Video Lead at Culture Trip (UK)

Generating 2.6 billion video views on Social Media is disruption of another kind.

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