About Us

Vidsaga is a global marketplace to create Videos

We are a bunch of engineers who love ‘Videos’ as much we love ‘Technology’.

So we decided to combine Technology, Creativity & Entrepreneurship to help 100 Million+ Startups and SMEs with Video Creation & Marketing.

Also, in order to create a networking and learning space for Marketers, we are building a Global Video Marketers Community. 

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At the same time, the idea is also to provide global work opportunities to Video creators (be it a Production House or an Animator or an Editor) so that they can monetize their talent/ knowledge/ skills and focus on what they are passionate about.

Why Vidsaga?

  • Save Money – by outsourcing it to India
  • Milestone based payment terms – No advance (Pay only when you see some real work)
  • Agency like professional service
  • Creative Script writing service
  • Help with Youtube SEO

How Vidsaga is better than Fiverr/ Upwork?

Video Production sub parts

VidSaga helps the companies with all the 3 unlike other generic marketplaces (like Upwork/ Fiverr).

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