About Us

Vidsaga is a global marketplace to create Videos

We are a bunch of engineers who love ‘Videos’ as much we love ‘Technology’.

So we decided to combine Technology, Creativity & Entrepreneurship to help 100 Million+ global Startups and SMEs with Video Creation & Marketing.

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At the same time, the idea is also to provide global work opportunities to Video creators (Production Houses or Animators or Editors) so that they can monetize their talent/ knowledge/ skills and focus on what they are passionate about.

Why Vidsaga?

These are the reasons global Startups and Organizations from 15 countries (USA, UK, India, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Australia, Finland, Norway, France, Canada, Malaysia, Nepal and Portugal )have trusted Vidsaga

  • Save Money
  • Milestone based payment terms – (Pay only when you see some real work)
  • Agency like account management
  • Standard delivery time
  • Creative Script writing service
  • After delivery support

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Also, in order to create a networking and learning space for Marketers, we are building a Global Video Marketers Community. 

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