Top 15 Video Marketing Disruptors in Switzerland

Video Marketing is very quickly becoming the preferred marketing strategy.

More and more Organizations irrespective of their size and budget are creating video content now a days. With the advent of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, video distribution has also been simplified.

In order to make video marketing world aware about the video campaigns and brain behind them, we are compiling a country wise list of Video Marketing Disruptors

This article is part of that series and contains the list of Top 15 Video Marketing Disruptors in Switzerland

Check out the list. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. André Borschberg – CEO & Co-Founder, H55

André Borschberg

2. Andreas Slotosch – Chief Growth Officer, Beekeeper

Andreas Slotosch

3. Andrey Alekseev – Head Of Sales and Marketing, Spectroplast

Andrey Alekseev

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4. Bernhard Winter – CEO & Co-Founder, Scewo

Bernhard Winter

5. Christian Brändli – CEO and Co-Founder, Insightness

Christian Brändli

6. Guilhem Duché – Cofounder and CPO, Once Dating Group

Guilhem Duche

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7. Jonas Lutz – Head of Product & Marketing, FAIRTIQ

Jonas Lutz

8. Loraine S. – Marketing & Events Director, Bestmile

Loraine S.

9. Luca Michas – Co-Founder & CMO, Yamo

Luca Michas

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10. Michele Matt – Founder, Mycamper

Michele Matt

11. Naef Reto – CEO, Topadur

Naef Reto

12. Patrick Thevoz – Co-founder and CEO, Flyability

Patrick Thevoz


13. Patrik Marty – CEO/CMO, Hegias

Patrik Marty

14. Roi Y. Tavor – Co-founder & CEO, Nummo

Roi Y. Tavor

15. Zhenzhong Su – CEO & Co-founder, Fixposition

Zhenzhong Su

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