Top 10 Video Marketing Disruptors in New Zealand

Video Marketing is rapidly becoming the go to digital marketing tactic and replacing other form of content be it text or image.

Companies of all sizes and types are producing videos now and with the increasing popularity of social media like Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram, distribution of video is not just limited to TV.

In order to recognize the great work happening in video marketing space, we at Vidsaga took this initiative to create a list of top creative and fearless video marketers.

In this article, we compiled a list of Top 10 Video Marketing Disruptors in Newzealand

Check out the list. (This list is in Alphabetical order)

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1. Aryaman Taore – CEO and Founder, Lazyaz

Video Marketing Disruptor in Newzealand - Aryaman Taore

2. Brittany Earl – Founder, Joblist

Brittany Earl

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3. Cameron Mehlhopt – CEO and co-founder, StarNow

Video Marketing Disruptor in Newzealand - Cameron Mehlhopt

4. Dylan Hughes – Sales & Marketing Director, UBCO

Video Marketing Disruptor in Newzealand - Dylan Hughes

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5. James Fuller – CEO, Hnry

James Fuller

6. Jo Blundell – Chief of Product & Marketing, Timely

Jo Blundell

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7. Millie Blackwell – President and Co-Founder, Showcase Workshop

Millie Blackwell

8. Peter Wei – CEO, Latipay

Peter Wei


9. Regan Savage – Marketing Director, Trademe

Regan Savage

10. Valerie Walshe – Director Brand and Marketing, Xero

Video Marketing Disruptor in Newzealand - Valerie Walshe

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