Video Production Process: An Ultimate Guide (2019 Edition)

(This article is an extension of this previous Yourstory article – How to simplify video making process for startups)

Videos influence your users to purchase more.

Ok, so I haven’t told you anything new. Have I?

Internet is flooded with lots of gyan on ‘why video is future of marketing’ or ‘why you should include video in your content strategy’ etc etc.

But no one is telling you the practical “operational nuances” of Video Production Process

So, the objective of writing this article is not to tell you about the importance of video or video marketing or video marketing trends or any stuff like that

But things you should know as a Marketer/ Founder/ CEO/ CMO for an effective/ awesome viral video production that would be easy, quick and most importantly cost effective.

In this article, you will get answers to following questions:

1. Questions you should prepare for before approaching any Video Creator or Agency                  
2. What are the Popular Video types
3. Things to discuss internally to create effective Video Campaign
4. Video Content Production Process steps for Organisation
5. Video Production Pricing Guide
6. 2 Golden Rules of Video Creation
7. How to find a video creator/ production house/ Animator/ Editor
8. Organization’s Typical Video Creation journey 

Questions you should ‘prepare for’ before approaching any Video Creator or Agency

1. What is the objective of your video?

Your Video Production Process can only start when you identify this.

Most people make this common mistake to start approaching video creators before even identifying why they need that piece of video content.

This “why” actually answers a lot of other questions.

Some examples and corresponding video styles

a) We want our users to understand our App/ Product/ Service.

In this case the video style would be more of Product video or Explainer video than Marketing video.

These kinds of videos mostly do not go “viral” but they help your users in understanding the concept or product.

b) We want to promote or sell

In this case the video style would be more of Marketing video or Ad film. We should be creative in our approach as the idea is to grab attention and quickly establish the value proposition

c) We want to just ‘promote our brand’ through a viral video

In this case, you do not tell anything about your product/ service but infact pick an emotion you want your brands to associate with.

Create a video on that emotion and just subtly add your Brand.

d) We want to create trust among other users by telling previous users’ experience

In this case, testimonial videos work best

2. Concept/ Script:

Do you have a rough script or concept in mind based on your value proposition or marketing communication?

If you could think through slightly instead of depending entirely on video creators, it will help you tremendously in communicating your requirement to Video Creators

3. Reference Video:

Do you want a Live Shoot Video, or an Animation Video, or a mix of both?

What all elements you want?

Do we need actors or not?

Answers to all these questions could be given through a Reference Video. So, its always better if you could spend some time and figure a closest reference video to the requirement you have in mind.

4. Are you making the video for Facebook or Youtube or for any specific platform?

Yes this is a question to think about.

There is a huge difference between a Facebook video and a Youtube video. We must be clear where exactly your audience is and how & where we would like to distribute your video.

5. How long should a video be:

Longer is not always bad and shorter is not always good. It all depends on your objective, platform and audience.

6. Budget for the video

Video is the expensive form of content than Text and images but that should not discourage you to experiment with this form of media

If you are low on budget, you could also help video creators with few things and reduce your cost. For example – You or your team member can act or do voice over and manage the price.

What are the Popular Video Types

Explainer Videos:

An explainer video is a short, animated promo video that explains your product to your customers in a very simplified manner.

You can also create a product pitch with the help of these explainer videos. These are normally animation videos but could be a mix of Live shoot and graphics as well.


Ad Films:

We do not need to tell you that, right? All the ads you watch on tv or youtube which increase the brand recognition or product promotion.


Viral Videos:

The name is enough. With digital became a world in itself, viral videos became prominent for promoting a product/ service to netizens.

Several factors are responsible for making a video viral. It can be the face value of the influencer in the video, your promotion strategy, launch timing, a relation with controversy or emotional content.


Corporate Videos:

Corporate Video is nothing but making an audio video presentation of your company than a normal powerpoint presentation. The idea is to let all the stakeholders know about the company’s history, growth, plans etc.


Client Testimonial Videos:

Clients are the best brand ambassador for any Organizations. So, in order to capture what previous clients feel about your product or service, and let other prospective clients know, these videos get made


Product Videos:

Product videos are made to highlight and demonstrate a new innovative product and its features. These are generally a mix of live shoot and graphics.


Things we need to create an effective Video Campaign

  • Target Audience of the Video
  • What is that one thing which you want your audience to recall after they watch the video
  • What is that one challenge you want to overcome through this video content
  • What are your audience’s major apprehensions?

  • What is that strong value proposition which would prompt your users to take that ‘Call to Action

Video Production process steps for Organizations

So once you decided to outsource and create a video be it an explainer video of your app or a client testimonial video or a small marketing video.

From this point, the Video Production process would be like this:

  1. Organization shares video requirement with the video creator
  2. Video Creator revert with an indicative budget and timelines
  3. Organization then provides all the details and finalise a right video creator
  4. Video Creator then creates an initial draft of concept/ script
  5. Once the script is finalized, both the parties sign a contract or service agreement.
  6. The Video Creator takes 50% advance and starts the video production.
  7. Video Creator submits the first draft of the video.
  8. After incorporating all the feedback, the Video Creator completes and delivers the final video.

Overall it takes 2 to 6 weeks

Video Production Pricing Guide

Lets try to understand how pricing for different video style works:

Animated Video Production Cost

Price for an animation video depends largely on below factors:

  • Type of Animation
  • Duration of the video
  • Type of Voice Over required
  • Quality of Script

Basic Quality Video – $50 to $250

Good Quality Video – $300 to $600

High Quality Video – $800 – $1500

Live Shoot Video Production Cost

Video Production rates/ costs for a live shoot video (like Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos, Product Videos, Marketing Videos, Commercial Videos etc.) depends largely on below factors:

  • No. of Days of Production
  • Duration of the video
  • Type of Voice Over required
  • Quality of Script
  • Quality of Graphics required
  • External Actors/ Models
  • No. of Stock Footages required

Stock Footage are the pre made clips which can be directly used to depict something and you do not have to shoot it again.

Basic Quality Video – $300 to $700

Good Quality Video – $800 to $2000

High Quality Video – $2000+

Video Editing Cost

If you want to just edit a pre-shot video, these are the variables

  • Duration of the video
  • Graphics

Price could vary from $30 – $250

Ad film Production Cost

Ad film’s price is not decided like Live shoot video

Ad film is generally part of a campaign and require more creativity and experience. So video creators charge based on how much they value their creativity, skills and experience

Price – $2500 – $15000

You can use this video production costs estimator (or you can say it a video production cost calculator) to calculate video production pricing be it corporate video production process cost, animated promotional video production cost, marketing video production cost, explainer video cost, promotional video production cost etc.

Two Golden rules of Video Creation

So when you decided to do video marketing be it to get more clients or acquire users or to improve SEO or to explain your creative/ innovative idea, you need to keep these 2 rules in mind

1. Storytelling rules

Storytelling is the king in any video and production value comes later.

Video is a creative audio visual entity and more than half of the work is done if you have a good concept/script in hand.

A good storytelling could definitely help your audience to understand your product/ service/ value proposition/ brand proposition, help them in recalling your company and hence help you in achieving the business objective.

2. Its all about Users

When you create a video content, do not push your product hard instead think from your users’ perspective. It’s all about them – what they think, how do they feel and what do they care

Create a Video which celebrate them and not your product/ service

How to find a Video creation company/ Animator/ Editor

There are several ways to reach out to video makers

  • Google
  • Facebook groups
  • Marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork etc
  • References
  • Dedicated marketplaces like –,

How to select the ‘Right’ or ‘Best Fit’ video creator

Approach some people and get quotations from them

Once you have some interests, you need to have a “defined selection parameters” for selecting a video creator? Like on what basis you will finalise a vendor?

A price should not be the only factor to finalise a creator

Some of the parameters you can check apart from Price are:

  1. Quality of work
  2. Professionalism
  3. Video Marketing knowledge
  4. Creativity
  5. Price

Organization’s Typical Video Creation journey

Video production process is a complex task which requires creativity as well as technical skills. As a company/ Organization we want to outsource it because it requires specific skill sets like cinematography, editing, script writing, sound, acting etc. which we do not have inhouse.

So, when you decide to outsource video production process, your journey would look something like this:

  • You find video creators through google, social media or reference
  • You tell everyone your requirement  and ask for their quotation
  • You will then finalise a service provider based on the desired quality and defined parameters
  • You have to pay 50% advance to commence the project
  • The Video Creator will work on the script or video and provide you the first draft of the video
  • You can then provide your feedback and the creator will make the changes.

Last but not the least – No set rules

There are no set rules when it comes to video content marketing.

Anything which is executed intuitively can work and this is completely valid for videos as well. It’s not that animation is better than live shoot or vice versa or Short videos are better than Long videos so on and so forth.

We can tell you an exception for every rule you suggest. So, it’s more about understanding your audience, marketing communication and then create a video which can creatively delivers your message.


About Vidsaga :

Vidsaga is a global market place with decision making tools enabled to help Organizations find the ‘Right’ video creator easily, quickly and at the right price.

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