Organization FAQs

A dedicated platform for Video creation that has the following Value propositions

  • Storytelling solution
  • Super-premium quality at best price
  • Milestone based payment terms - Only 10% refundable amount to start with (Online Escrow)

Video creation is not like other freelance services as it requires storytelling as well. Generic marketplaces rely on creators to help with script and storytelling.

Vidsaga has a network of vetted storytellers who will work with you to conceptualize the video first.

Other benefits

  • Milestone based payment model
  • After delivery time
  • Cost effective
  • Standard delivery time

Agencies are 5-7 times expensive than VidSaga for the same quality of Storytelling and animation.

You pay once a milestone is achieved and after seeing some real work

  • 10% (refundable) - to kick off the project
  • 30% - after storyboard approval
  • 30% - after the first draft
  • 30% - after final video approval

Standard industry (worldwide) practice is
Video agencies: 50% advance and 50% after approval
Generic Marketplace (Upwork/ Fiverr): 100% Escrow

Explainer videos are used to explain the problem, solution, and how it works in more detail.
while Brand video or Ad commercials focus more onthe solution and positioning.

We continue to support even after delivering the video
Support tenure - 1 month

Currently, we are based in India

  • Major changes
    • Any change related to script & VO, change of characters and their animation, graphic style.
  • Minor changes
    • Revision can include – Things like Color changes, text edits in the video, vectors that are used in the video, shuffle-up of the scenes or shots, animation of infographics, logo change or logo animation change, trimming the video length.

Invite-only networking, learning, and discussion space for Marketers, Creators, and Storytellers to help each other.

Consider the Voice Over artist as a person referring the product/ service to your audience and then choose the gender accordingly.
Generally, if the target audience is predominantly Male, we should go with a Male voice-over and vice versa.

A rough write up
High-resolution logo
Brand color preference

Premium work and quality demand premium price.
Having said that, we totally understand your situation. Please try to hold on and manage somehow for now.
We will definitely try to solve this problem in near future.