Top 14 Video Marketing Blogs to Follow Now [2020 Edition]

As a business owner or marketing leader, you need to be on the top of your game and be aware of every new marketing trend that’s out there in the market.

To do that, one way is to follow the people & blogs who are best in the industry and cover the latest video marketing trends, analysis, tips, news, etc.

So in order to bring all the prominent ones at a single place, we have curated this list of best blogs on video marketing.

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Top Video Marketing Blogs you must follow 

1) Wistia

Wistia Blog

Wistia is a video hosting company for Businesses that provides products that you can use on your website & in your video marketing campaigns.

Wistia’s blog is one of the best marketing blogs out there if you want to learn about awesome video marketing tips and video creation.

They write a lot of content about producing videos, marketing videos, video production and everything that’s related to video marketing.

Additionally, they have also produced a number of technical know-how videos. So if you want to get started in the world of video marketing, Wistia is a good place to start.

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2) Flipboard Video Marketing: 

Flipboard Video Marketing Blog

Flipboard posts a lot of updates, tricks, and video marketing tips

It is a curated selection of content that was chosen form the content that several authors submit on Flipboard.

It catalogs the best stories on a particular topic. So, if you want to read the finest selection of top video blogs, go to Flipboard and start reading stories over there.

You’ll be able to access about 5-6 posts on video marketing per week on Flipboard.

3) The Wideo Blog:

Wideo-The Video Marketing Blog

Wideo is essentially a Video Marketing tool that anyone can use to create high-quality video marketing strategies for their audience. They usually pump out 4 posts a month, and their content is great for what they do.

4) Tubular Insights > Video Marketing:

Tubular Insights-Video Marketing Blog

Tubular insights team writes a lot of content focused on video marketing, video marketing trends, data insights, and more. They focus mainly on digital marketing & create a ton of content on video marketing and video creation.

They post a blog article once a month on their website and is the best video marketing blogs of 2020.

5) Sprout Video:

Sprout Video-Blog

Sprout video covers a lot of content on video hosting, video marketing, and the latest trends in the world of social media video sharing and production.

It is an amazing video hosting platform that provides video and video related hosting to everyone. They work just like Wistia.

They also create a lot of niche content for video analytics and video insights.Their posting frequency is about 3 posts a month.

6) Ignite social media video marketing:

Ignite Social Media Video Marketing Blog

Ignite social media is a company based in the U.S. They create a lot of content related to social media and focus on how to get more reach for your brand.

What they do is a lot of marketing for high-end brands, community building, video marketing, and they are doing a lot of work in the podcasting space.

From the experience that they have accumulated from working with brands, they generate a lot of content.

7) Story Me video marketing blog:

Story Me Video Strategy Blogs

So you want to have the best marketing tips, then story me could be a fine choice. 

Story me has covered a lot of case studies, video testimonials, tutorials, and all other types of video marketing content that can help you get more results from videos.

Check out their blog if you want to learn about what they do, and to stay updated in the field of digital video marketing.

8) Digit Pro Video marketing:

Digit Pro-Video Marketing Blog

Digit Pro is a video marketing company that operates out of London. They create a lot of content and long extensive guides focused on marketing solutions. You should check out their blog and filter for video and video-related marketing advice.

9) Web Video marketing:

Web Video Marketing Blog

Web videos marketing is a blog that keeps up with whatever is new in the video marketing space.

They cover a lot of industry trends, content strategies, and video production from the web video marketing council.

10) Vidyard blog:

Vidyard Blog

Vidyard is a video hosting company that has done a lot of video marketing campaigns for some of the most well-known fortune 500 companies.

With all the work that they have done with these companies, they have a lot of success stories to share. 

Not only that, their standalone content on Video marketing and video production is equally excellent.

11) ThinkwithGoogle:

ThinkWith Google

Thinkwithgoogle gives you a lot of the usual video marketing related advice, but they cover a lot of data on the world of videos and data insights based on it.

It sources a lot of content and data from YouTube and then prepares reports based on those data units.

12) Hubspot video:

Hubspot Video Marketing Blog

Hubspot is a product company that has long been covering everything under the sun that is related to sales and marketing.

Hubspot is the biggest marketing hub to get updated with the latest trends in the market.

They don’t specifically focus on the content, like the other blogs mentioned on this list, but they have covered a lot of content which is related to video marketing.

If you have time after going through the other blogs, then you must bookmark Hubspot as well.

Additionally, they also have a huge library of podcasts and webinars which are targeted towards video marketing.

13) Vimeo Blog:

Vimeo Blog

If you want to follow top marketing blogs then you need to follow Vimeo blog.

The Vimeo blog has excellent content which is best suited for people who are business owners, marketers, and filmmakers. They have a video school series which is excellent for people who want to learn how to do video creation and production.

They also have business tips section which is geared towards marketing, business, and video marketing based advice.

14) Unruly Media:

Unruly Media Blog

Unruly Media is a global company that provides video marketing advice and service to brands all across the world. They have covered a lot of branded vines, Instagram, and other social media marketing video advice.

They post 3-4 blogs every month.

Bonus – Vidsaga’s Video Marketing Blog

Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Organizations to create Videos. The blog covers interesting latest Video Marketing News & Trends, Video Marketing Jokes, Video Marketing Quiz and technical content on Video Production & Marketing 

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Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Organisations to create Videos. Consider it as “Upwork/ Fiverr for videos” with Creative script writing and professional project management

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