Top 5 Video Production Companies in Philadelphia (2020 Edition)

Looking for video production companies in Philadelphia? This list could help.

But you may ask – why do we need this list?

Well when you decide to outsource your video production requirement to an external service provider, the problem is not discoverability but decision making.

A simple search on Google will throw tons of results but whom to hire and based on what criteria is the main challenge. You need an experienced and trustworthy vendor who can also help you with creativity.

So to help organizations,  we at have created a list of top video production companies in Philadelphia.

The list is based on our research and judgement.  The idea is also to recognise these companies for their good work.

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1. Springhouse Films

Springhouse Films is one of the top video production companies in Philadelphia. They provide full-service video production services for  commercial videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and marketing videos.

They have worked for the companies in the industries like healthcare, consumer brands, advertising agencies, technology companies and nonprofits organizations.Some of their prominent clients are Citadel, Petsmart, Shore Medical Center, Philadelphia Foundation and Lincoln Investment.

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2. Video City Productions

Video City Productions is a Philadelphia based video production company. They have expertise in commercial videos, corporate videos and event videos production.

The company has 38 years of experience and has been producing the high quality videos for their clients.

They have worked for hospitals & universities like Temple Health Systems and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) Their clients list also include local small businesses and non-profit Organizations.

They also offer a sound-controlled green-screen studio which has sound-padding, built-in LED lights and a Teleprompter for talking head videos & interviews.

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3. JTwo 

JTwo helps in video production in Philadelphia. They have an award-winning team of writers, directors, editors, designers and graphic artists with expertise in creating top quality commercial videos, documentaries, corporate videos and brand films.

Their work has been featured on ESPN, CNBC, PBS, The Washington Post, Fox and Yahoo.

The company has won many awards such as  Gold ADDY Award, ADCP LOUIX Award, MarCom Gold Award etc.

Their clientele includes ESPN, Bacardi, United Nations Foundation, NFL Films and GeorgeTown University.

They have one office in Canada as well.

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4. Maestro Filmworks

Maestro Filmworks is a Philadelphia based video production company. Their video production services include commercial videos, corporate videos, animation videos, broadcast videos and narrative & documentaries.

With their subsidiary, Philly Photo Studio, they also  offer in studio and on location photography services for corporate and commercial projects.

The company has over 14 years of experience and is an award-winning video production company with some of their  prominent clients are Penn University of Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Deloitte, Google and Pfizer.

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5. TrueFilm Production

TrueFilm Production helps with corporate video production in Philadelphia. Their other specializations are making animation videos, live event videos, branding videos and testimonial videos production.

They have worked for the industries like educational, non-profits, medical, financial and fashion. Their other offices are in New York, Austin, San Francisco, New Jersey and Chicago..

Some of their prominent clients include Nestle, Perry Ellis International, Nyra, Club med and Heineken.

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