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Do you think you are a video marketing expert then test your video marketing knowledge at Vidsaga video marketing quiz.


 1. Which social media platform does not allow live streaming? 
    a. Twitter
    b. Youtube
    c. LinkedIn
    d. Whatsapp
2. How many video thumbnail option does Facebook provide? 
   a. 3
   b. 5
   c. 10
   d. 20
3. What is the maximum duration of video on Instagram IGTV? 
   a. 5 minutes
   b. 15 Minutes
   c. 30 minutes
   d. 60 minutes
4. Which one is the World's second largest search engine? 
   a. Bing
   b. Youtube
   c. Yahoo
5. What is the maximum file size you can upload on YouTube? 
   a. 1GB
   b. 10GB
   c. 128GB
   d. 256GB
6. What is the maximum video length for twitter? 
   a. 30 Seconds
   b. 60 Seconds
   c. 100 Seconds
   d. 140 Seconds 
7. Which social media platform allows Live Video Streaming editing? 
   a. YouTube
   b. Instagram
   c. Facebook
   d. LinkedIn 
8. What was the old name of TikTok? 
9. Which social media platform newly launched a rehearsal feature for Live Video Streaming?
   a. Instagram
   b. Youtube
   c. Linkedin
   d. Facebook 
10. How long do you have to watch a youtube video for it to count as a view?
   a. 3 Seconds
   b. 10 Seconds
   c. 30 Seconds
   d. 60 Seconds
11. Which is the parent company of TikTok?
   a. Bytedance
   c. Douyin
   d. Snapchat
12. What is the aspect ratio of Instagram Story?
   a. 3:4
   b. 9:16
   c. 4:3
   d. 16:9
13. What is the minimum video length on Linkedin?
   a. 3 Seconds
   b. 5 Seconds
   c. 10 Seconds
   d. 15 Seconds
14. How much amout of video data can be uploaded on Vimeo for basic plan users?
   a. 5GB/Week
   b. 1500MB/Week
   c. 1GB/Week
   d. 500MB/Week
15. What maximum duration of a video snap can be viewed on Snapchat?
   a. 5 Seconds
   b. 10 Seconds
   c. 15 Seconds
   d. 30 Seconds
16. By default you can upload videos on YouTube upto ________ long?
   a. 5 Minutes
   b. 15 Minutes
   c. 30 Minutes
   d. 60 Minutes
17. Which is the international version of the Chinese app Douyin?
   a. Snapchat
   b. Tiktok
   c. Twitter
   d. Instagram
18. Which social media platform has a bell icon for subscription?
   a. Vimeo
   b. Youtube
   c. Tiktok
   d. Snapchat
19. What happens if you double tap on Instagram video?
   a. Like
   b. Share
   c. Comment
   d. Video Pause
20. Which of the amongst is a Video Analytics Tool?
   a. Tubebuddy
   b. Vimeo
   c. Quora
   d. Pinterest


1. Whatsapp
2. 10
3. 60 Minutes
4. Youtube
5. 128 GB
6. 140 Seconds
7. Facebook
9. Facebook
10. 30 Seconds
11. Bytedance
12. 9:16
13. 3 Seconds
14. 500MB/Week
15. 10 Seconds
16. 15 Minutes
17. Tiktok
18. Youtube
19. Like
20. Tubebuddy

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