Top 8 Training Video Production Companies Across the Globe (2021 Edition)

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Congrats! You are at the correct place to select the top training video production companies in 2021.

A training video’s purpose is to educate viewers on a specific topic like how to do something or how to use a product or a service.

The best thing about training videos is that they are personal and provide credibility to the audience.

But out of many production companies,  how you will identify the best video production companies in the world for training video production.

To solve this issue, we at have curated the list of top 8 training video production companies across the world.

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1. Skeleton Productions

Skeleton production is one of the top training video companies in the world. Many big brands have associated with them such as Amazon, AirBus, Universal, Swiss Re, Unilever, Natewest, Samsung, etc.

Other than training videos they also make promotional videos,  internal comms videos, corporate videos, training videos, and animation videos.

Additionally, they also provide services such as video marketing, video distribution, video advertising, and YouTube optimization.

The unique thing about Skeleton productions is that they have a huge team of production and marketing.

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2. Studiobfilms

Studiobfilms is considered as one of the top training video production companies. They provide a lot of video production services but their specialty is training videos. They are also one of the best commercial videos production companies.

Apart from this, they also make product videos, explainer videos, client-testimonial videos, documentary, event videos etc.

The best thing about Studiobfilms is that they have 20 years of market experience in making videos. With so much experience, they have a long list of clients and some of them are Waterhouse Brands, GetSafe, Shockwave Medical, Ancestry, Adobe, Grammarly, etc.

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3. Crushpix

Crushpix is an expert in making corporate training videos. Their other expertise is product videos, marketing videos, recruiting videos, industrial videos, event videos, sizzle videos, etc.

All the videographers at Cruspix use full HD and 4K cameras to provide the best outcome possible.

They also provide scriptwriting, storyboarding, post-production, editing services their clients are The Colorox Company, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Google (Mountain View), etc.

The exciting thing about Crushpix is that the executive producer David Ronan has 25 years of video production experience.

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4. Cuts & Camera Productions

Cuts and camera Productions is a corporate training video production company in Delhi NCR, India.

They also provide services for  digital ad films, 2D animation videos, customer testimonial videos, industrial videos, company profile videos, promotional videos, drone videos, product launch videos, induction video production etc. 

They also provide scriptwriting, post-production, VFX, animation services.

The surprising thing about Cuts and Camera Production is they are no newbie in this field and have over 10 years of experience in video production.

Some of their important clients are Audi, Max, Porsche, IIT Kanpur, Essel Group, Azure Power, Fenesta, and many more.

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5. Blue House Productions

Blue House Productions is a professional training video production company. They make a variety of training videos such as retail training videos, sales training videos, product training videos, graphics training videos, safety training videos, compliance training videos, etc.

Other than these they also make corporate videos, marketing videos, animation videos, sports films, conference videos, political ads, etc.

They have worked with many artists and their clients are ManTech International Corporation, Shapiro and Duncan, CRF, The Corporate Council Of Africa, etc. 

They also have 25 years of experience in the recording industry to make your videos better.

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6. Buzz Creatix

Buzz Creatix is a corporate training video production company that also makes explainer videos, product videos, corporate videos, and it also provides video marketing services.

Amit Thaker founder of Buzzcreatix has a lot of experience in video making and have worked in famous Hollywood films such as Conan and Priest,

Their clients are Gulf, Apexa, Headrush, Express Elevators, and Accusure.

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7. Studio Rosstier

Studio Rosstier provides training video production services in the UK. Their other expertise is explainer videos, software video, and animation video. Additionally, they also specialise in retail training videos and safety training videos production.

Studio Rosstier is the UK’s most established production studios with over 30 years of experience in video production and they have won many awards. Their most recent award is Supplier Innovation Award.

Their long list of clients includes Unilever, Grace, M&S, Disney Store, Sainsbury’s, HSBC, Heathrow, The Co-operative, and many more.

They also provide post-production services such as 2D animation, 3D animation, and multimedia production.

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8. Aspect

Aspect is a training video company that has expertise in making interactive training videos.

Other than training videos production, they have a huge range of video production services such as brand video, marketing video, case-study videos, explainer videos, animation videos, promotional videos, testimonial videos, and the list goes on.

They have won several awards for their work such as Shark Awards, Magellan Awards, The Drum Marketing Awards, AVA Digital Awards, Charity Film Awards, etc.

They have also worked with some of the most known companies in the world such as Samsung, Etihad, Sony, Adidas, Pukka, The North Face, National trust, etc.

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