32 Top Indian EdTech Startups to watch out for in 2024

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BYJU’S massive growth and Digital India initiative brought the wave of revolution in online education. The internet is becoming the source of tomorrow’s education.

EdTech startups in India are growing substantially at an average rate of 55%

Here are the Top 32 EdTech Startups that are also doing a great job

1. AI ML etc.

AI ML etc. is a dedicated educational platform to learn Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Large Language Models. The company claims to teach such technical topics in a very simple language.

They even have designed an AI + LLM course for IT Functional (Sales, Marketing, Consultants etc.) professionals.

2. AptusLearn

AptusLearn is a forward-thinking academia venture by Aptus Data Labs. It offers various courses in the Data Science domain.

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3. ask.CAREERS

ask.CAREERS is a Shahani Group Initiative that provides a range of industry-oriented Post-Graduate and professional Diplomas in disciplines like Management, Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Media etc.

Ask - EdTech Startups

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4. AskIITians

Their aim is to provide the best possible educational services to engineering aspirants across India and abroad by using the latest educational tools and software.

Askiit - EdTech Startups

5. Asmakam

“Asmakam – World of Creativity” brings the unique opportunity to explore creativity within us.

Asmakam-EdTech Startups

6. Board Infinity

Board Infinity is an online career coaching platform for students & working professionals.

Board-Edtech Startups

7. Careers360

Careers360 is a data-enabled and technology-driven Education products and services company that focuses on enabling students to explore and make informed career decisions based on their interests and abilities.

careers360 - EdTech Startups

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8. Classplus

Classplus is the easiest-to-use institute management system to help conduct online tests, student performance, attendance, fee management and much more on your institute’s mobile app

Classplus - EdTech Startups

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9. CollegeDunia

Collegedunia is a unique platform for all information pertaining to colleges and competitive exams. We have an enormous database of over 25,000+ colleges with 1,50,000+ authentic College Reviews for students to make the right decision.

collegedunia - EdTech Startups

10. CyberVie

CyberVie is taking a proactive approach to security that can help organizations protect their data

cybervie - EdTech Startups

11. DLP Education

DLP India- Leading Educational & IT Services Provider: offering high-quality training and education along with economical IT and Backend Services

DLP - EdTech Startups

12. Edulyx

They are an edTech company working for k-12 education in India, through their platform aim to provide quality education, affordable and accessible to all.

Edulyx - EdTech Startups

13. Edurev

Perfect educational network for students to compete, collaborate and discuss keeping them deeply engaged. 

edurev - EdTech Startups

14. eduZilla

eduZilla is a SAAS-based ERP tool for Training Businesses. It is an effective tool for managing the student life cycle right from lead management till the end of the course.

EDuzilla - EdTech Startups

15. GetRank

Their vision is to improve student success through data and performance analytics. They empower institutes to assess, analyze and improve students’ performance.

16. Embibe

Embibe is an edtech startup that brings the power of information to help students prepare better for life-changing exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, and CET.

embibe - EdTech Startups

17. ExtraaEdge

Admissions and Marketing Automation CRM Software for the education industry.

Extraeddge - EdTech Startups

18. Forsk Technologies

Forsk prepares students industry-ready in the domain of Data Science, IoT, Android, Cloud, and Fullstack Web Development, and making a mark as a professional.

Forsk - EdTech Startups

19. Great Learning

At Great Learning, they believe that data drives the world – with analytics and automation being the deciding factors for success.

Grealearning - EdTech Startups

20. GurujiWorld

Their aim is to create a knowledge bank to empower the human race with the opportunity to attain an excellent education through innovative, well-planned, affordable & easily accessible techniques.

Guruji world - EdTech Startups

21. Handa Ka Funda

Handa Ka Funda helps you crack CAT with the help of video tutorials, live classes, ebooks, solved examples and a huge question database

Handa - EdTech Startups

22. Gradeup

Gradeup is bringing students together and connecting them with the best mentors, content, and other resources to help them score better in their exams.

Gradeup - EdTech Startups

23. Jungroo Learning

Jungroo provides an Adaptive Learning framework for organizations who want to make their own adaptive content or make their existing content adaptive.

Jungroo - EdTech Startups

24. Levelapp

A personalized tutoring solution to fit your needs 
LevelApp - EdTech Startups

25. Leverage Edu

AI-enabled marketplace designed to help students with their higher education & career growth plans

26. Enguru

Enguru, the #1 free Spoken English App, helps you improve your spoken English with conversations & fun games.

Enguru - EdTech Startups

27. Logiqids

LogIQids, an IIT IIM Alumni venture, focuses on enhancing the logical reasoning skills in kids.

Logiqids - EdTech Startups

28. Melvano

Melvano is a personalized social learning platform providing trackable outcomes for the engineering entrance exam.

29. GlobalGyan

GlobalGyan is an Edtech startup building a digital platform to help professionals progress their careers with learning and mentoring from industry leaders through its mobile and web apps, interactive content, and personal coaching.

30. Lido Learning

Lido Learning is a Live online learning app for students which includes interactive teaching methods like games, quizzes, and other engaging content.  

With a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1 and the best online tutors, they ensure children get the most fun-filled learning experience! They also provide engaging content personalized for kids through their interactive LIVE classes!

Backed by investors like Ronnie Screwvala, and BAce capital,  they are one of the most promising startups in India right now.

31. PrepAI

PrepAI is an Edtech Solution powered by DataToBiz which already has proven experience in AI, ML, and Data Engineering projects.

PrepAI can be the next revolution in the Edtech industry providing a Test Preparation platform where tests are prepared not by humans but by AI itself.

It enables Edtech professionals to save time, reduce human bias and minimize recurring operational costs.

32. CollPoll

CollPoll is a web-based and mobile-based AI-powered campus automation, digital learning, and analytics platform developed to meet higher education institutions’ increasing complexity, competition, and digital compliance.

CollPoll’s platform is as much for students and parents as it is for professors and administrators.

CollPoll makes attending or operating an educational institution more efficient and enjoyable by offering possibilities for sharing and accessing information, controlling important parts of an educational institution, collecting feedback, and organising daily activities.

Reasons why India can become the leader in EdTech Industry:

  • Growth in the Internet: Internet users are most likely to reach 730 million almost double from today (432 million)
  • The cost of Online Education is low compared to offline education
  • Digital-friendly Government policies: The government has taken the initiative of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ to improve and enhance the education of India through e-Basta, e-Education, Nand Ghars, SWAYAM, and India Skill Online.

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