Top 6 production houses in Chennai to look for in 2019

Chennai has become the commercial hub of South India and home for amazing production houses for businesses and startups.

For new-age companies, it’s very important to promote their products/ services digitally.

For digital marketing, Video content creation has become a must but finding the right video production company in Chennai from 100s of choices is not an easy task.

So, in order to help Organizations in Chennai, we have handpicked top production houses in Chennai who is doing a good job.

Here is the list of top 6 production houses in Chennai


Motionify is a known explainer video company in Chennai that focuses on 3 C’s – Content, Creative and Channels. It creates promotional videos, explainer videos, commercial videos, and walkthroughs.

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2. Proto

Proto is an ad filmmaker in Chennai.

When their client first approached them for and about a month ago, they planned a few brand strategies for them.

-> They help you build your brand.

-> They understand your industry, competitors and clients/customers.

-> creates 360° brand experience for your customer!

3. The Picture Machine

Picture Machine is an Ad film production house in Chennai and it also creates 360-degree videos. 

This team aims to create simple yet intriguing videos that gained a lot of attention.

4. Easton Media

Easton Media is a corporate video production company in Chennai. Services offered by them are:

  • Corporate Video
  • Product Video
  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Training Video
  • Documentary
  • Professional Photography

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5. Sarang media

Sarang Media is known for its ad film making in Chennai who also creates  Infomercials, corporate films, documentaries, PSA’s, Short films, Tele Films, Audiovisuals, Motivational films, Video Support for E-Learning solutions.

They are also animation video makers who create 2D animated videos and motion graphics videos.

6. Pathway productions

Pathway Productions is a video production company in Chennai that provides a variety of services like ad films, corporate videos, explainer videos, documentaries, feature films, etc.

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