Learn TikTok marketing from TikTok consultant and coach – Maayan Gordon

Tiktok is growing fast and brands are still figuring out how to use it for marketing.

Meet Maayan Gorden who has 1.7 million followers on the platform and is also a professional TikTok consultant and coach, 

Read on to know more about her and her Tiktok marketing strategies.

1. Tell us about your life journey in brief, Maayan?

 I was raised by my 2 jewish parents and grew up in Seattle, keeping kosher and practicing judaism. I went to Seattle Hebrew Academy, a small private jewish school until 5th grade and then switched to an almost all black kids school called Aki Kurose.

For High School I went to a private school called Lakeside in Seattle. After High school I went to Occidental College for a year and a half then I dropped out and started freelance writing.

I dived deep into internet marketing and a started up my first business 2K Industries LLC with my husband Ben (boyfriend at the time). We grew the business for a few years before I switched to graphic design and creating website. I did that for 2 years before falling in love with glassblowing and starting my glass blowing business.

I grew a following on Instagram for 4 years before switching over to TikTok and have since exploded to 1.7 Million followers in just a few months. I now also consult for other businesses on how they can use TikTok for their business or brand. 

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2. What prompted you to take up Tiktok consulting? 

I started TikTok Consulting because of my success on the platform coupled with my 10 years experience in internet marketing makes me the perfect person to help businesses understand the social media platform.

I am the oldest in a family of 4 children and have ALWAYS loved teaching. 

3. What Tiktok marketing strategies a Brand can adopt?

When coming up with a TikTok marketing strategy, businesses should think about their target customer and what kind of content they consume.

Pick apart and analyze videos from your competitors to find out what about them is drawing attention. Businesses should focus on BRAND MARKETING over sales marketing. 

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4.  Can you mention your favorite Tiktok marketing campaign so far?

My favorite marketing campaign that I’ve seen so far on TikTok is one to bring awareness to animal cruelty.

There are a lot of social marketing campaigns that I’m a huge fan of. Bringing awareness to important issues is something the platform is really promoting!

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5.  What would be your advice to newbies for creating Tiktok Marketing strategy?

My advice for anyone just starting out on TikTok is first CONSUME CONTENT! This will give you an idea of what types of videos are already working on the platform and will be great inspiration for creating your own videos. Consistency with posting would be my second piece of advice. 

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