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Employment Type Salaried Independent
Transparent Payout No Yes
Minimum Business Guarantee No Yes
Access to Global marketers community No Yes
Benefits other than money/ Salary Mostly No Yes

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Trusted by Organizations from 16 countries

Premium animation video for Paris Elysees, France

Premium Animation Explainer Video – Amped Innovation, USA

Explainer video (Stock+Animation) – AlphaV, India

Isometric Animation Explainer Video, South Africa

High Quality Animation Explainer Video For Utavi, USA

Premium animation explainer video for Trynkle, Malaysia

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Anyone who sees things differently.

Flat 25% of the total project price listed on the website

VidSaga provides global work opportunities to Storytellers with trust and transparency.
VidSaga is an inclusive marketplace to create videos. Organizations, Storytellers, and Video Creators come together on a single platform to create awesome videos.
So far, Organizations from 16 countries (US, UK, Australia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Indonesia, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Finland, South Africa, and France) have trusted VidSaga.

You can go independent and still monetize your creativity/ storytelling talent.

We are working on VidSaga because we are passionate about telling stories and creating videos. So, we feel comfortable with people who share the same feelings and enthusiasm.
At the same time continuous learning, pursuing excellence, and taking care of people are the forces behind a successful and happy life.
So we try to identify these characteristics and synergies in Storytellers based on our limited experience.

In our experience, creating something unique is a slow process. Ideas come to us when we are relaxed and not occupied with multiple things.
So, it's always effective when Storyteller works on 1 project at a time.