For Video creators

VidSaga – FAQs

How VidSaga helps Video Creators?

Vidsaga acts like an extended Business development team for production houses/ editors/ animators.

We at Vidsaga do all kinds of digital marketing activities be it SEO, running Google Ads, creating high quality content, Social media marketing, press releases etc and generate leads and provide regular work opportunities to the video creators so that they can focus on what they love doing and passionate about.

How is VidSaga different from other online marketplaces like Upwork?

Unlike other generic market places, Vidsaga is a dedicated platform for Video Creators.

The main value we add for video creators is that – only that bid is counted on which client has taken any action else the bid credit is refunded.

What if the project does not get closed through Vidsaga?

We will refund the bid credit if we come to know that client has hired a video creators outside Vidsaga and also in case client has not taken any action on the project.

For how long a project is posted on the platform?

The project is posted on the platform till an Organization does not give a proper update or selects any video creator

Why Vidsaga does not follow proper “agency” model?

Because we want to disrupt the agency model itself.

We at Vidsaga believe is that agency model is not an efficient model for both Organizations as well as Video Creators.

Can I know the client budget for the project ?

It depends on the client.

Does a video creator know how many other video creators are competing for the same project?

Yes, video creators can see no. of bids on a project once they bid on a project. However they can not see the bid amount and other details.

For the content which goes in the videos , you don’t have the IP rights , it’s between the organization and the creator only, please confirm.

Yes, we do not have any IP of the final video and generally only organizations own the IP right.

Do I get an email notification when new project inquiry is generated? or I have to scan the platform every day?

Yes, you will get the email notifications but we suggest you check the platform regularly. We also broadcast new projects over Whatsapp.

What are the parameters by which the organization will accept the bid?

Quotation, Quality of previous work done and rating are major parameters.

Can video creators see and bid on every project or they are segmented?

Video creators can see each and every opportunity and can bid on a project which they find relevant.

What if all of my free bids get used up?

In this scenario you can purchase more ‘bid credits’. If Organization will not respond to the projects you have bid, we will refund the bid credit back.

What would be the medium to talk with the client?

Chat option will be enable over the Platform, once initiated by the Organization .

Does Vidsaga charge any commission on closure?

No, Currently we do not any commission from Video Creators. However there would be PayPal charges and currency conversion charges. So, we suggest you to bid accordingly.