FAQs – Video creators

FAQs – Video creators

How VidSaga helps Video Creators?

Vidsaga acts as an extended Business development team for production houses/ editors/ animators.

From our digital marketing efforts, we acquire global clients and provide regular work opportunities for the creators so that they can focus on what they love doing – Video Production.

How is VidSaga better than other media/ ad agencies?

Vidsaga would help you in working with Global Organizations. Currently we have clients from 15 countries (US, UK, Australia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait,  Indonesia, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Finland and France)

How is VidSaga better than other online marketplaces like Upwork?

When it comes to video creation, we have a competitive advantage from Online generic marketplaces as we 

  • follow Milestone based payment terms
  • provide After delivery support 
  • have Standard delivery time

This means clients give us more projects. 

Vidsaga also takes care of Business development and Account management activities, so you can focus on your strengths – “Video Creation”.

What are the parameters based on which Vidsaga chooses to work with creators?

  • We have 11 selection parameters
  • Quality of previous work
  • Timely delivery
  • Accomodation of change requests
  • Communication
  • Quotation
  • Relevant previous work
  • Worked for similar industry
  • Payment terms
  • After delivery support
  • Creativity
  • Business Knowledge

How many Video creators are registered with Vidsaga?

As of July’ 2021, there are 470+ video creators from 36 countries are registered with Vidsaga