Video Creators FAQs

With Vidsaga, you will always

  • start projects with an advance payment
  • have a transparent and on-time payout
  • get more benefits & rewards for completing more projects

Unlike 100% Online Escrow payment term, Vidsaga follows Milestone based payment model
Video creators also get exclusive rewards & perks as they engage more with the platform, like

  • Exclusive access to the Video creators community
  • Hire people through the Vidsaga job board

We started VidSaga because we are passionate about telling stories and creating videos. So, we feel comfortable with people who share the same feelings and enthusiasm.
At the same time continuous learning, pursuing excellence, and taking care of people are the forces behind a happy life.
So somehow we try to evaluate these characteristics in you based on our limited experience

We continue to support even after delivering the video
Support tenure - 1 month

Currently, we are based in Udaipur, India

We at VidSaga truly believe that we can’t grow alone but with a community.
So with this thought in mind, we are building learning, networking, and discussion space for everyone who is involved in Video Marketing - Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Creators, and Storytellers to help each other and grow.

We will reach out to you ourselves when the majority of our members think that you should be a part of the community.