How does it work? – Video Creators

How it works for video creators Vidsaga

  • Get a global lead with defined project scope and a reference video
  • Each project is open for bidding for all video creators registered on the platform
  • Bid wisely for the project you find interesting/ relevant
  • Appropriate Bid Credit(s) will be deducted for every bid submission
  • Once shortlisted, Organization will discuss the project scope through in built chat
  • Organization will then select the bid and deposit the 100% amount in a secured account
  • Store all script versions, agreement etc. on the portal itself
  • Deliver the project as per client satisfaction and money will be transferred in your account

Technical Tools/ Features

  • Price Calculator – Get an ‘Estimated Price‘ for your project scope.

If you don’t know the scope, simply submit the requirement and let video creators bid as per the reference video

  • Online Comparison Tool – Compare profiles through Comparison tool like you compare Car/ Mobile etc
  • Chat – Discuss your requirement with inbuilt chat option with Organizations, once they initiate the chat.
  • Payment Security – Get payment through PayPal
  • Video Project Management Tool – Manage the project efficiently using Video Project Management tool

Bid Deduction System

For Project budget

  • From $0 – $1500 – 1 bid credit deducted.
  • From $1501 – $4000 – 2 bid credits deducted.
  • From $4001 – $7000 – 3 bid credits deducted.
  • From $7001 – $15000 – 4 bid credits deducted.
  • $15001 and more – 5 bid credits deducted.