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VidSaga – FAQs

What is Vidsaga?

Vidsaga is a platform to create videos. Consider it as a hybrid of ‘Agency’ and ‘online marketplace’.

This way it gets you best of both the world and let you create videos easily, effectively, efficiently and at affordable price.

How VidSaga is better than other marketplaces like Upwork/ Fiverr?

Vidsaga is a dedicated platform to create Videos.

Video is not a service like logo design or content. Organizations need expert help in Enterprise video creation and this what these generic marketplaces lack.

We at Vidsaga, with our hybrid model of technology and expert help will get things done for you.

Our expert will help you at every stage which would make video creation hassle free and risk free.

How exactly VidSaga helps Organizations?

Vidsaga has combined best of ‘Online Marketplace’ and ‘Agency model’

All other marketplaces solve the discoverability problem. Vidsaga also helps you with ‘Script writing’ and ‘Project Management’ with complete price transparency.

How Vidsaga pricing works?

Video Production has 3 major parts

  • Creative Script Writing
  • Video Creation
  • Project Management

And generally agencies combine all 3 and charge. We have segregated these 3 and created 3 packages so that Organizations pay for what the need.

Check out how Vidsaga Pricing works

How the payment happens?

All payments route through Vidsaga which gives you payment security. In our Basic package (where Organizations directly work with Video creators) as well, Organizations transfer the amount to a secured account.

Does Vidsaga charge commission?

No we do not charge any commission, instead we follow a fixed price model

For Basic Package – No charges

Managed Package – Project management fees

Premium Package – Script writing + Project Management fees

How Vidsaga is better than Other Agencies?

Agencies charge much more than the actual cost.

But the good thing about them is that they get things done.

Vidsaga helps you in getting things done with same creativity and efficiency in much lesser price than a typical agency price.

Is it better to create a video through DIY tools?

DIY tools works best when you are very low on budget and can devote time to create a video.

But they have very limited use case. So, in case you want to outsource the creation part to a professional video creator and need help with creative script writing, you can submit your requirement on Vidsaga.

How long does it normally take to create a video?

Animation video normally takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Live shoot video normally takes 2 to 6 weeks (The time is end to end – approaching the video creator to getting the final product)

Why reference video is necessary?

As video has multiple elements involved in it and it is difficult for anyone to exactly communicate one’s requirement.

Reference video gives a proper idea of what exactly you have in mind and it becomes easier to quote.

How does the bidding work?

Once the requirement is published, it would be open for all our video creators to submit their quotation. You can see all the bids on your dashboard after signing in.

How should I select the ‘Right’ Video Creator?

Once you get all the bids, you can use our Online Comparison tool to compare all the prospects and select the ‘best fit’.

You can also take help from our experts.

Why should I use online project management tool?

Video creation involves lots of documents, video drafts and back & forth communication. After one point of time, emails become highly inefficient and creates confusion.

Uploading and downloading of documents, media files and coordinating with all the other stakeholders further add ineffectiveness.

In order to solve all the above problems, we have created online project management which is easy to use and makes the entire video creation workflow smooth and hassle-free.

What are the future plans of VidSaga?

We are determined to make video creation super easy and efficient. In this pursuit, we will add more technology to the process.

We are working on tools like Video Analytics, Video hosting, and Video marketing and also on Artificial Intelligence to figure out the right video maker and reference video.

Is there any charge for posting projects on Vidsaga?

No, there is not charge of posting projects for Organization.

Also, we do not charge any commission from Video creators for a closed project. You only pay for the actual ‘Video Creation’ part.

So, Organizations get the best deal through Vidsaga.

If you have any more queries, please write to us at team(at)vidsaga(dot)com