Our responsibility doesn’t stop at building safe homes, it extends to a safe planet – Sanjay S Sahni

At Tata Steel, we always strive to negate the effects of adversity with our preparedness.” – Sanjay S Sahni – Chief of Marketing & Sales (Branded Products and Retail) – Tata Steel.

Tata Tiscon’s marketing team with their creative partner (Wunderman Thompson) decided to develop the content that would trigger positive behavioural shifts in the channel and thus, “Plant for the Planet” idea was conceived. 

We talked to Sanjay the brain behind this video marketing campaign and learned the story behind. Read on to know more about him, what he thinks about changing dynamics of advertisements and his advice for fellow marketers.

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1. What was the thought process behind making this campaign?

As a category leader and a brand used for building 5 lac homes every year, we recognised our role in influencing sustainable business behaviour is acute within the construction fraternity. Our responsibility doesn’t stop at building safe homes, it naturally extends to building a safe planet. 

Tata Tiscon’s marketing team briefed our creative partner (Wunderman Thompson) to develop content that would trigger positive behavioural shifts in the channel. Thus, Plant for the Planet was conceived. 

It aimed to raise awareness not just amongst the channel but also end customers, who need to feel universal ownership towards the environment, not just their individual homes.   

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2. Was there any change in the distribution strategy because of the pandemic? 

As Tata Steel, our approach to work is seldom reactive. We always strive to negate the effects of adversity with our preparedness. Recognising the undeniable power of technology, we seeded a differentiated distribution channel with the launch of www.aashiyana.tatasteel.com way back in 2017. 

Today, ~5% of our sales are generated through this platform and the pandemic will only see this figure grow from pillar to pillar. We have onboarded all our channel partners and now with social distancing as a new norm, we are confident of strengthening our omni-channel presence with Aashiyana gaining considerably more than other channels. In sum, there hasn’t been a change, only strengthening.      

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3. Will the dynamics of video advertisements change in 2020?

Video advertisements will become more important than ever. The pandemic has forced people to look at more fundamental values such as trust and safety. Audio visuals simulate a sense of touch and feel even from a distance. Especially in sectors such as home building and real estate, video marketing will play a crucial role in conversion. 

Predictive tools in technology will allow marketers to further customize and serve relevant content to customers. Also, 2020 will see newer formats and lengths. Each of which will have a defined role and purpose in the marketing plan. Creativity and original thinking need to be at the heart of it all.     

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4. When it comes to marketing, what advice would you like to give to our community members?

All marketing professionals need to practice courage and compassion. Courage to dig deep into the product and identify its real value in the life of the customer. Compassion to constantly understand the needs of the customer and thus improvise and innovate.  

5. Please name the team behind the campaign

The campaign was a collaborative effort between Tata Tiscon marketing team and our Brand Agency – Wunderman Thompson.

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About Sanjay in his own words 

My father was in the Indian Army and hence was frequently transferred. This resulted in my childhood being spent in various parts of the country, across places both big and small. Hence, I like change and make new friends quickly. The defense residential complexes always had good facilities hence picked up all sports.

I started my career with Tata Motors and then had a stint in Tata International. Since last 13 years, I have been working in Tata Steel, having worked in almost all the departments here. Currently, I am serving as the Chief of Marketing & Sales (Branded Products and Retail) Tata Steel, responsible for revenues grossing over Rs. 20,000 crore.

I have enjoyed working with Tata’s due to the professionalism, values, work culture & freedom in work that they offer.

I believe in simplicity, giving back to society and supporting sustainability.

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