12 New Things in Video Marketing In October 2019

Do you know these?

A new short video platform Firework (like TikTok) has been launched?

It’s very important for Video Marketers to remain up to date with the new things in video marketing.

So, in order to help Video marketers, we decided to keep all the important updates in one place.

Here are the Latest updates in Video Marketing in October 2019

1. Wistia launched a free version of its Video Channels 

New Things in Video Marketing

Small businesses with limited assets can now make a free channel and post a video on Wistia. 

In the free version of Wistia, one can access one channel and share it via a public link.

2. Twitch to test its new watch party feature

New Things in Video Marketing

Twitch is currently checking the long-requested “watch parties” feature, which suggests that streamers will screen Amazon Prime movies and shows and their fans will watch on if they even have a subscription.

Twitch is owned by Amazon and has started causation out invites to chose streamers to check it out.

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3. Snapchat targets retailers and brands with their new Dynamic ads.

New Things in Video Marketing

Dynamic ads will help e-commerce companies and direct to consumer brands. 

With Dynamic Ads, currently, marketers will mechanically produce advertisements in period supported catalogs that will contain varied products.

These advertisements are then presented its users supported their interests employing a range of templates provided by the corporate.

These types of templates have been specifically designed for mobile. 

4. Wistia added a new subscribe button

New Things in Video Marketing

Users of Wistia can now have the convenience to a “Subscribe for updates” button that’s accessorial to their Channel interface.

You can modify the Subscriber type to provoke initial, surname, and email or simply email.

5. Tik Tok launched its brand new #Edutak program

New Things in Video Marketing

TikTok, the short video-making platform launched the #EduTok Program – a multi-phased holistic initiative aligned with the broader objective of democratizing learning for the Indian digital community on the platform.

Till now, over 10 million different types of content were created and shared using the #EduTok hashtag, which has collected over 48 billion views and has been shared 1.8 billion times on TikTok. 

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6. New short video platform launched: Firework

New Things in Video Marketing

The latest competitor in this redefined playing field in India is California-based Loop Now Technologies, which launched Firework, a free app, This pretty much works like TikTok. 

It is available both on the play store and app store. Since launch, it has already been installed by more than one million users. It has a rating of 4.3 on the play store.

7. Facebook’s new augmented reality ads 

New Things in Video Marketing

Facebook’s augmented reality ads are a way to create engagement through face filters and animations

After seeing the quality and triumph of AR ads, Facebook expanded its AR ad program to all advertisers globally for an open beta program.

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8. Facebook’s latest Playable Ads

New Things in Video Marketing

Facebook is growing its playable ad format, which can help drive downloads, brand knowledge and conversations.

This latest Facebook playable ad format is additionally the way for computer game consultants to alter Facebook users to undertake out their games before downloading them.

9. Taboola Trends to offer free A/B insights’ into video

Content discovery platform Taboola, two weeks ago declared a merger with its primary competitor Outbrain. Outbrain lately released a trends tool that offers insights about the performance of the ad and content creation from its publisher network.  

The company has more than 20,000 publisher customers.

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10. Stepes – New Automated Video Translation Solutions

The champions in enterprise translation and localization Stepes has started its machine-controlled video translation resolution that utilizes trendy AI, voice recognition, and automatic subtitling technologies to contour video translation and localization.

This machine-controlled video translation solution will facilitate several corporations.

11. Google wants to buy new social app Firework

Google is in the discussion of buying online social app Firework. 

Firework (a competitor of Tik Tok) was  launched recently

Check out the Global Video Marketers community

12. Startup Vloggi improved its platform

Video marketing platform Vloggi recently got updated and improved. 

Those with no expertise to design, shoot and gather authentic and professional-looking campaigns can also make easily.

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