Know why Rishabh Jain is organizing first of its kind Youtubers conference – ThinkVid

Rishabh Jain is an IIT alumnus, entrepreneur, and a Youtuber. He found his passion accidentally when he created a video as an experiment. He converted that experiment into a full-fledged Youtube channel which now has close to a million subscribers.

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Read on to know more about his life journey, his Youtube channel growth techniques and his latest initiative ThinkVid – a Youtubers’ conference.

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1. Tell us about your life journey, in brief, Rishabh?

I was born in Jodhpur and raised in a middle-class typical baniya family. Studied in Hindi Medium school.

Found my first passion in Hindi Poetry, published the first book at age of 16. Later combined Poetry & Chemistry to publish my second book.

I then joined IIT Bombay for graduation & PG, post which I did consulting, started a venture in ed-tech space, raised multiple rounds of funding and scaled it to multiple cities. Recently, I started a YouTube channel – Labour law Advisor which has 850K+ subscribers. 

My story at Josh Talks Stage: 

2. Youtube channel on Labour Law? Isn’t that unusual?

Yes, we make videos related to career, finance, and most unusual labour laws.

It’s unusual because neither of us ( me and my partner Mandeep) are either an advocate or CA. My family is into labour law consulting business, which has been running for the last 42 years. My grandfather always had this dream that this business should be continued. 

Being an engineer, I had zero experience or interest in the subject. I found it complex as well as boring. One day I thought let’s read about a topic and make a video on the same, this way I might be motivated enough.

When I read, I found these acts very simple. It’s the language and lack of better explanation made them complex. Maybe the lawmakers had done that deliberately. So I made the first video explaining the act in simple layman language. That’s how the journey started. 

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3. What are some of the Youtube growth hacks you learned for growing your channel?

When we started the channel, we never thought that a channel about labour law would ever reach even 10k subs. But with God’s grace and a lot of trials and errors the channel started getting traction.

I have a 3-words mantra when it comes to YouTube success – Quality, Consistency, and Innovation. We also used a lot of growth hacks, many of them gave splendid results. Today the family is of 850k+ subscribers. 

4.  What is your thought process and story behind organising ThinkVid?

Our YouTube journey started without any mentor or training. We learned everything by trial and error.

We still have a lot of questions without answers. When you start your YouTube channel, as a beginner you have multiple questions like – How to do video SEO? How to get advertisers? How much to quote? How to gain subscribers quickly? How much money you can make from a partner programme etc.

To solve these issues for budding YouTubers, we are bringing India’s biggest YouTube celebs on a single-stage, where they will be sharing their success secrets. The event is not 7th March, 2020 at Clarks Amer Jaipur. More details can be

Found on  –

5.  What would be your advice to newbies for growing Youtube channel or Youtube Marketing strategy?

I’ll again share my 3-words mantra – Quality, Consistency, and Innovation. It’s always difficult in the beginning but bright days are never far.

Find a good mentor, don’t miss any chance to learn and collaborate as often as possible. These things will help you to shorten the period of becoming a Verified creator.

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