Learn how marketers can leverage TikTok in 2020 from Ashley Kong

Ashley Kong is a TikTok marketing specialist. In this article, she shares deep detailed insights about Tiktok and common mistakes marketers should avoid when it comes to doing marketing on the platform. .

In the next few minutes, you will learn – why TikTok marketing is the latest trend and the future of TikTok Marketing.

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1. Tell us about your life journey, in brief, Ashley?

I grew up in NYC, both my parents were immigrants and I had 2 younger siblings. Being the firstborn in my family, my parents always put me in extracurriculars like Girl Scouts, lacrosse, volleyball. I went to school through the NYC public school system and graduated in 2019 from Brooklyn Technical High School. 

Currently, a student-athlete at Western Connecticut State University, majoring in Communications: Marketing while playing lacrosse. During my first semester at WestConn, I was really confused about what I wanted to major in.   Finding a passion for social media and the power of influencers on marketing led me to choose my major today and helped me in the field of social media marketing, more specifically TikTok marketing. 

The way I got started my job in TikTok marketing was very much a joke between me and my friends. I told them in 2019 that  I would just start a TikTok for my friend’s company OriginsNYC, just to have fun and showcase their products, but the first 3 videos went viral and started trending. Being so young, I’m grateful that I was able to turn a passion into a job and now in 2020, I’m proud to say I run multiple companies, and I look forward to expanding my portfolio. 

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2. How marketers can leverage TikTok In 2020?

In 2020, many younger generations and individuals are on social media and prefer to watch a short 15-second video in comparison to a longer marketing video. These 15 seconds ads have to be catchy & quick and TikTok gives you an amazing platform to be connected with the consumers right away. 

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3. Which is your favorite TikTok marketing campaign and what we can learn from it?

My favorite TikTok marketing campaign is the GymShark: 66 Days Change your life. They focused on individuals creating a personal goal and posting videos daily to show their fitness updates. At the end of the 66 Days, GymShark would provide a year’s supply  of goods. But more importantly this trend created a supportive group of people who were looking out and cheering others on their fitness progress.

 Many people found it easier to track their progress and not give up. They also incorporated a couple of influencers to help start the trend.It shows the power that influencers have on a social media platform and how a company could use that to their advantage, to run an amazing campaign. 

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4. What is the future of TikTok Marketing?

The future of TikTok marketing is still vastly waiting to be leveraged. I believe that larger companies are going to start creating shorter and catchier videos to appeal to the shifting consumer market of younger customers. There are so many users on the platform, if you aren’t on TikTok, you are missing out.

My advice for getting started in TikTok marketing would be to just start consuming content to inspire you to create unique videos. Being consistent in posting videos and going in with an open mind. Keep posting and eventually one video will go viral. 

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5. What are the common mistakes marketers should avoid when it comes to Tiktok?

The biggest common mistake marketers should avoid is putting too much content all at once. Start with finding an audience that you will be targeting and focus on what they like. 

Whether that be posting dancing videos only, advice/life journey videos, or product videos. Only once you have established the following base, you should start to brand out your video content variety. Keep it simple and have fun!

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