Learn how YouTube SEO algorithm is different than Google SEO from Shivendra Tiwari

Youtube brings the iron in the fire for the businesses. – Shivendra Tiwari

Shivendra is a Youtube marketing expert and a Digital Marketing Author at “Digital Vidya”- a prominent digital marketing institute.

In this article, he shares his learnings and experiences about YouTube SEO, Hacks to rank YouTube videos, and how anyone can monetize their YouTube channel in today’s time.

In the next few minutes, you will learn some deep insights about Youtube marketing and YouTube SEO. Keep reading!

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1. Tell us about your life journey, in brief, Shivendra?

We all know that the creative Adult is actually the Child who survived. 

And my Adulthood too got driven by my Childhood zeal of thinking that whatever I could imagine is real. 

Like many of us, not liking preachy stuff- but enjoying the same lessons when shared in the form of stories with lots of fun, twist, and turn- has been the case with me all the time.

While doing my Software engineering, the quest of finding some creative means to share my imagination with the world guided me towards the digital world. 

And in the process, while watching the Star Wars series by George Lucas, I came up with the idea of writing my first fiction story “But Anakin Says, Earth’s Heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin” to talk about a world beyond all the facades, dogged dogmas & fanaticism. 

The story was published on HubPages in the year 2015 and since then, I am sticking-to-activeness and digging into different layers of the Digital World. 

As a Digital Marketing Author at Digital Vidya and Marketing & Business Management Blogger at Marketing 91, I am involved in imparting knowledge about different domains of Digital Marketing, Business Management, and Technology over the years.

With all my experience in the Digital World, here, what I can bear testimony for are-

– YouTube is a boon for creative minds! 

– And for the businesses, it just brings the iron in the fire!

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2. How is the YouTube SEO algorithm different from Google SEO? 

Being the second most commonly used Search Engine, it is the easiest yet the most engaging Digital Marketing Channel for sharing content, ideas, information, and knowledge.  

When it comes to connection, conviction, and conversion, there is no better way than YouTube Marketing to-

  • Penetrate the widest audience base
  • Generate powerful leads
  • Use favourable analytics
  • Boost sales potential

And the best thing is- you can do all this in the shortest possible time. 

The reason behind this is actually the difference between YouTube SEO algorithms and Google SEO algorithms.

Do you know that with YouTube SEO, if you are going to rank then you will rank in the first 24 to 48 hrs?

Yes, it is true!

While on the other hand, with Google SEO, you will be lucky if your web page or website gets rankings in the next 5 to 6 months, forget about 24 or 48hrs. 

Even, in most cases, Google SEO takes more than a year to show real results.

So, the major difference between YouTube SEO and Google SEO is that the first 24 hrs will tell how your video on YouTube will perform in the long run.

The second difference that needs your attention here is-

For determining rankings, Google looks at links while with YouTube, it is all about engagements. 

The longer the watch time and engagement on your videos, it will help you in getting better ranks on YouTube. More watch time, likes, shares and subscribers- all count in increasing your engagement rates.

Engagement on Google is decided by the bounce rates while on YouTube, it is decided by the view time. So, engagement on YouTube is decided by-

  • View Times
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Dislikes

Also, Google and YouTube both look at authority while ranking content.

But with Google, if you are building links, you will keep on climbing on the authority ladder which will optimize your ranking potential. While on the other hand, on YouTube, your authority fluctuates every month, and that is why, with YouTube, you need to keep on creating top-notch content, and first-rate engagement with your videos to keep on having good authority. 

Finally, the best of all –  YouTube is easy to rank for, while Google is hard.

Depending upon the industries, Google may take 4, 6, 12 or even more months to see the results while on YouTube, max in 30 days, you can start seeing the results. 

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3. So according to you, what are the best hacks to rank YouTube videos?

Some of the best hacks that you can try for optimizing the ranking of your YouTube Videos are-

  1. Create awesome content 
  2. Share key information, story, and knowledge of your industry
  3. Pay heed upon naming convention
  4. Do keyword selection of less competitive and long-tail keywords
  5. Create quality tags and titles
  6. Add a link to your website in the description as Call to Action 
  7. Have around 200 words of content to optimize your video description
  8. Add video transcription in the description
  9. Use synonyms and one-off-keywords in the description
  10. Do not overuse Keywords
  11. Do not opt for duplicate content 
  12. Utilize playlists and custom thumbnails
  13. Sync your YouTube account with your Social Media Accounts 
  14. Use Social Media to promote your video
  15. Optimize your channel page by adding links to websites/Social Media, channel images and a long description
  16. Build a small number of high-quality links over a long period
  17. Ask to subscribe
  18. Use brand-name as the watermark
  19. Add end screens
  20. Utilize auto-play feature
  21. Pay attention to your watch time
  22. Opt for collaboration

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4.  How can one monetize a YouTube channel?

First thing first, you need to accept the YouTube partner terms for monetizing your videos. 

Here, you should also understand that for the monetization of your YouTube account, you need to reach 10,000 views first. Then, if your account gets the approval, you will start making money. 

The process of approval revolves around a few simple steps. 

For this, you should log in to YouTube and click upon ‘my channel’ then tap on the ‘Video Manager’ option. 

Then by looking on the left side, you will see a navigation menu from which you are supposed to choose the ‘Channel’ option. In the next step, you should ‘Enable’ the button given in front of the Monetization option. Now, you will see the terms and conditions of the ‘YouTube Partner Program Terms’ that you need to accept by tapping on the ‘I accept’ box.

Now, a Channel heading will appear in which ‘Monetization’ will appear that you should choose. 

This will open a window with the heading ‘Monetization’. There, you should tap on the option ‘How will I be paid’. – Now proceed further by tapping on ‘Associated an AdSense account’.

This will take you towards the final few steps- where you are supposed to tap on the ‘Next’ option. The next window will ask you to Sign in to your Gmail account. 

Here, you should feed all the details that are asked and then continue. Then you should fill up all the other details and finally tap on the ‘Submit My Application’ option. 

Verification of your mobile number will now be processed which will lead your application for AdSense to get submitted for approval. 

Soon, your account will get approved for monetization. 

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5.  What mistakes should newbie marketers avoid when it comes to YouTube marketing?

Let me tell you here that mistakes are the first few steps of progress.

However, some of the mistakes that newbie marketers commonly make while running YouTube Marketing campaigns for the first few times can be easily avoided just by paying more attention to your YouTube Marketing Strategy. 

So, before concluding this interview, let me share some of those mistakes here, so you can run a foolproof YouTube Marketing Campaign-

  1. Not having a YouTube Marketing Plan
  2. Not having a proper Call to Action
  3. Not uploading enough videos
  4. Having bad or poor video
  5. Not asking for likes, shares, subscribers or comments
  6. Not breaking your channel into categories
  7. Not giving the branded look to your channel
  8. Lack of storytelling
  9. Not optimizing YouTube videos for searches 
  10. Low camera quality
  11. Not responding to comments

Avoiding these mistakes empower newbie marketers to move ahead with their YouTube Marketing Campaign in a conversion-oriented manner that for sure optimizes their success ratio.

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