Learn how marketers can rank YouTube videos faster from Sachin Sharma

Remember, the basics (high-quality videos, frequent publishing, and choosing an optimal video length) still apply. – Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma is the founder of the blog “Code Me Right”. He is a content marketing specialist.

In this article, he shares his knowledge about YouTube video ranking factors, optimal video length, and mistakes businesses should avoid while doing YouTube SEO.

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Read on to know more about him, his learnings and YouTube SEO

1. Tell us about your life journey, Sachin?

Everything I am today is the imagination of a child looking out of a train window.

As a kid (and even today), I enjoyed journeys more than destinations. Or, I should say that the adventure of those journeys made my destinations more fulfilling. And, my adventure was the thoughts evoked by the motion of life passing by in front of me. Every place and every face had layers and layers of stories.

Or, maybe it was just me! 

But, why am I telling you this?!

It was this creative approach towards life that directed me to write, which led me to gain SEO knowledge as a professional. Because, as you know, SEO is not just science, it is an integration of the art and science of ‘becoming visible in the digital world’.

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2. Please share your SEO learnings with our community – How marketers can rank Youtube video faster? 

 Ranking videos depend on these factors:

a. Ability to create a well-targeted YouTube channel, having clarity on the market segment you want to target.

b. Creative approach to engaging your audiences in a video within 15 seconds, so they watch the whole video and increase your retention rate.

c. Using longtail keywords for topics and publishing videos incorporating them frequently.

d. Don’t just write your keywords in your video descriptions, title and tags, but actually say them in your videos.

e. Customize thumbnails to get more clicks to receive higher rankings in YouTube result pages.

f. Encourage your audiences to like, comment and share your videos for more impressions.

Remember, the basics (high-quality videos, frequent publishing, and choosing an optimal video length) still apply.

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3. Is there a way to decide the optimal video length for Youtube videos, If yes, how?

There are studies and surveys, telling video marketers about what video length works the best. But I think that is not how marketers should look at video length. If your content requires a 10-minute long video, can you make a 2-minute video just because a survey says so?.! So, it comes down to the channel and the kind of content you are creating. 

However, it is important to figure out a perfect video length for your channel. You can do that by answering these two questions for your YouTube channel:

a. What duration will work best for your video content niche?

b. How long do your audiences feel interested in your videos?

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4.  How can one leverage the ‘Youtube Help’ section to analyse Video performance?

‘YouTube Help’ offers a section called “Create and grow your channel”. There you can find “Analyze performance with analytics” to find and understand data related to:

  • Audience reach
  • Audience engagement
  • Channel revenue 

and much more!

You can: 

  • Check your audience retention, 
  • View live stream data, 
  • Find out how many subscribers can get your notifications, 
  • Discover sources of your video traffic, 
  • Check the delivery of bell notifications

and more!

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5.  What common mistakes should businesses avoid when it comes to Youtube SEO?

When using YouTube for business marketing, SEO becomes a valuable tool. But, in my experience, I have found that some businesses either don’t create a long-term content strategy or fail to follow their content strategy in the long run. Another important issue to notice is the “Storytelling” part. Even if it’s a marketing video, businesses need to make it like a story, containing an interesting beginning, mind-grasping middle, and a satisfying climax. 

Many businesses become so focused on their marketing goals that they forget about their target audiences and do what they find interesting. YouTube content creation has to be for the users, whether it is an informational or commercial video.

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