Learn How To Select The Best Explainer Video Production Company To Represent Your Brand

Learn How To Select The Best Explainer Video Production Company To Represent Your Brand

What’s the first thing that you see when you open a new website?

Do you try to read what’s written on the landing page of the website?

Or do you go through the whole paragraphs written on the website, or how great their product is?

Majority of internet users don’t want to spend their time reading what’s written on the website they are visiting.

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to read the text, but above all the reasons, the main one that stands out is that people are impatient and have a very short attention span.

So if you are NOT able to capture the attention of the user in the first 3 seconds, then chances are that you won’t be able to keep them hooked on your website.

I have noticed that to solve this issue, some of the smartest marketers have started using explainer videos on their landing pages.

How explainer videos help businesses

By installing explainer videos directly on the landing pages of your website, you will be able to solve 3 core issues of website visitors:

a) Getting them to convert

b) Getting them to stay on the website for a long time

c)  Getting them to understand the product in a simple manner.

For example, blockchain & cryptocurrency based start-ups are coming up every new day right now.

Now, for someone who doesn’t know what cryptocurrency and blockchain are or how they work, it will be very difficult to understand that is a secondary principal built on top of these concepts.

If you try to explain things like the network effects of the blockchain, how it works, how people can make money out of it, and how it will benefit everyone; you will only alienate them and make them reject the concepts all together as something outlandish.

If you see this video, you’ll realize that using the power of explainer videos, they have made things simple and easy to understand. Easy enough, that even a 5-year-old can understand what’s happening in this video.

Had there not been a video to explain the concept, it would have been really difficult to understand concepts as difficult as bitcoin and blockchain.

Like see this in action yourself, in the videos below:

This company has made it super easy just so normal people, like my readers, can understand bitcoins, and concepts that fuel them, in the most fun and engaging way.

And here’s another example by Zebpay:

One of my personal favourites is one that is done by Dropbox.

As similar as it is to the other two I pointed out, dropbox’s work is a great example of how you can use video marketing to lift your business off the ground.

Dropbox is a company which has been very successful at using explainer videos to strategically reach out to a new large demographic.

Using their explainer videos, they were able to explain and popularize their complex concept of ‘invite and earn space’.

This directly helped them acquire 10 million customers for their business.

Additionally, this also helped them increase their revenue and the top line of the business while simultaneously cutting down on the customer acquisition cost.

They also saw up to 10% increase in conversions, which resulted in several extra thousand sign-ups per day.

And here’s the explainer video that did all of this for them:

After looking at these examples, I hope that you’ll understand that complex products and concepts can be made simple and easy to understand if you present them to potentialbuyers using the power of explainer videos.

Maybe you’re thinking that you understand, but maybe you don’t see the direct results of using them… yet.

What benefits of having an explainer video can you expect?

In simple business speak, what will be my ROI if I invest in an explainer video for my business?

There are a lot of benefits that having an explainer video on your landing page will get you.

As for the ROI, I will sum it up in 3 different parts:

1. Increased Conversion Rate:

When we work with brands and help them deploy explainer video strategy for their business, we usually see an increase in conversion rate of their customer sign-ups.

In some cases, we have even seen up to 85% increase in customer sign-ups after deploying an explainer video on the brand’s homepage/sign-up page.

You can also keep a tab on the number of people coming on your website vs. the number of people viewing the video.

2. Explains The Product:

If you operate in an industry built around a complex topic, or a complex product, then the text content will not be able to justify what your product really is.

Having an explainer video is the best way for you to engage your audience and explain to them how your product works and what benefits there are of them using it.

It is pretty evident that if a prospect sees your product in action in a video format, it will give them a better understanding of the product vs reading the text and understanding it.

3. SEO:

Google loves to see people spend more time on websites.

That’s exactly the reason why Google’s algorithms rank those websites better where users have spent more time.

If you deploy videos on certain high traffic pages of your website, you will see that the website rankings have noticeably increased based on that.

And that’s the reason Google loves video-based content.

A lot of brands and startups have realized this and Optimised their website.

What are the essentials of A High Converting Video

1. Define Your Audience:

Before you even start creating your explainer video, you as a business owner/ marketer should have a clear idea about your target audience.

Make sure that you can define it in the clearest possible manner.

Know your target demographic, do your market research.

You should have information about your audience’s age, income, locality, other needs and interests of your targeted buyer.

If you have a well-defined buyer’s persona, then you will have a video that converts your target audience well. That is because they will feel as if you are talking directly to them.

2. Using The Right Format To Explain:

Currently, there are many different types of explainer videos being used by all sorts of companies on their websites and their marketing campaigns. You really need to know the stage at which your company is, and depending on that, the format that is best suited for your brand.

Some of the popular formats are:

2D animation

3D animation

Live action


Moving topography

Animated screencast

Stop Motion

Video Infographic

iPhone apps/iPad

Music only


To find out which format might work best for you, you need to talk about your brand and then a video production company can help you select the type of video that will work best for you brand.

Additionally, this format also needs to align with your marketing goals and the type of content that your target audience loves to consume.

3. Scripting/ Storytelling

The script is the most important part of your high converting explainer video. If you don’t have a good script for your explainer video, chances are that you won’t be able to create a video that is well-loved by your customers.

Without a good scriptwriter, things will be 10 times harder for you and your brand.

So it’d great if you do some homework and get the background work on the team you are working with.

Ask your video explainer team for some past work examples: the kind of work the scripting team has done, and the clients they have worked with.

This will give you a fairly good idea about the end product that you will get.

It would be better if your concepts are explained in the format of a story so it can immediately engage the user right from the start.

4. Animation:

After scripting, the next part of creating a high-quality explainer video, that is the Animation.

The animator is responsible for communicating the core idea of your concept through the video. He is the one who decides how the message is communicated through the video for your brand.

5. Selling The End Result:

I’ve noticed that in a lot these videos, people end up talking about the features of their products, but think about how bad that idea is. Do people really care about the features of your product?

Especially if they don’t even understand what it is or how it works?

All they care about are the result and benefits they are going to get.

So make sure that whenever you talk about your product in your explainer video, try to talk about the results and benefits that your audience can expect.

Examples of well-executed explainer video campaigns:

As a company, we have been inspired by a lot of explainer video campaigns, but these 3 are the ones that I personally love. I would love for you to see them as well.

Now, when you see these videos, I want you to notice a few things. Notice if this video:

Explains the concepts

Help turn that business around

Is easy to understand

Dollar Shave Club:


( Sorry to mention it again, but I just love how simple the video is for the impact that it had)


The videos that I have shared here are some of the best videos in this genre, according to me. By using these type of videos you can achieve your marketing or overall goals in a very strategic manner.

Before we move forward, there are few things you need to look for while selecting a video explainer company.

Things To Look For Before Hiring a Explainer Video Production Company.

1. Check their Portfolio:

When you decide that you want to get an explainer video made through a company, look at the company’s portfolio and the work they have done in the past.

Usually, a person’s past work is indicative of their skills and abilities. So if there is a company that has been producing below-average explainer videos. Then you can’t expect them to suddenly create high-quality videos for you.

A good way to find the portfolio work of an explainer video company is to look at their social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube channels.

Companies usually upload their best work on Facebook and YouTube, since these are the biggest platforms for videos.

a) Design: 

Whenever you are trying to evaluate an explainer video company, look at design quality. Explainer videos are usually tailor-made, which means that the quality and feel of the design relies heavily on the creativity of the team.

So, the best way to figure out the quality is to look at the design quality of the video.

Look for consistency in the design, with a high focus on the logo colors and brand colors.

b) Animation style: 

Explainer videos that are animated are really popular these days. If the animation itself is not smooth and the pace of items don’t match.

A low-skilled explainer video team will make your brand look unprofessional and mediocre. So if you are looking to position your brand in a position of high trust in the market, then it might be an issue.

A smooth and well-timed animation will make your brand look amazing and will enhance its image as well.

c) Voiceover: 

A good voiceover enhances your message. That’s why, when you are planning to work with an explainer video team, you should ask them about the voice recording option.

You can experiment with male voices, female voices, high baritone, low baritone, and other types of voices. Usually, explainer video teams have a couple of voiceover artists as options.

So before you decide to work with a team on the video, see if you can find a good voice that can represent your brand in the market.

2. Communication:

In the process of creating your video, you’ll have many rounds of communication with the team that you have selected.

If I were to put a number on it, I would say that communicating and working directly with an explainer team is about 50% of the whole movie making process.

Whichever team you work with, do make sure that your communication is professional and transparent. We get a lot of clients that have previously left teams because of their unprofessional behaviour.

I’ve heard countless times how HAD to fire their previous team because of low-quality results and unprofessional attitude towards the gig.

As a business owner or a marketer, you know everything about the product; so the more you communicate with the team, the more smoothly an explainer video can be made.

3. Budget:

If you google ‘explainer videos’ right now, you will get a TON of companies trying to catch your attention, wanting to work with you, and hoping to create an explainer video for your brand.

Before you even begin thinking about the process,  you need to figure out your budget and the type of companies that would FIT into that budget requirement.

You won’t be able to stand out and create a high-quality impact on your audience because the templates are pre-defined and there is very little customization that can be done.

There is the type of companies that will offer you a custom tailored experience. They will get you professionals that are experts in their roles.

They’ll get you animators, scriptwriters, producers, art directors and a whole team to work with.

Look for a company that fits in your budget while giving you the most bang for your buck.

It might be expensive, but if you have a specific vision of what you want your brand to look like, then custom animation is the way to go.

4. Customer FOCUS:

If you are working with an explainer video company, then you will be speaking to them as their customer. What you should look at how they treat you and how they value you as a customer.

This is important because the video that you are creating will be for your customers themselves. Right?

So you should work with a team that values their customer base the same way that you do. If they aren’t able to treat you as a customer with utmost care and respect, do you think that they’d be able to represent your brand’s values and respect for your customers in an explainer video format?

So having a mutual cultural FIT in terms of customer focus is always helpful.

5. Revisions:

Have you ever worked with creative teams? You must be aware that in order to produce any creative thing you need to go through a lot of revisions.

Similarly, creating an explainer video script is also a process in which you will create a lot of versions, edit, re-edit, revise, and then repeated as needed till you achieve the ideal vision to represent your product/ concept.

To buy an explainer video service, you need to have few things match with your plans:

Pricing (should match your budget)

Intent (focused on delivering your needs)

Inclination (focused on giving you the best service experience)

Key pointers to keep in mind while planning for an explainer video-based strategy:

Quality:  How well made is this video going to be?

Reliability: Can the team reliably deliver a great customer experience?

Expense: How much would it cost me?

Usability: Where, and how can I use it for my business?

About Vidsaga

About Vidsaga

We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the best explainer video, making it, and then marketing it to the right audience.

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