“YouTube Growth is a Marathon and not a Sprint” – Mohamed Salah

You keep on posting regularly on YouTube but never get the desired result, has this ever happened to you ?

Let’s listen to Mohamed Salah, YouTube Channel Growth Certified and Video Marketing Strategy Specialist, has to say on YouTube Video marketing benefits and video growth. 

Mohamed is one of the few YouTube Consultants and is a dedicated YouTube creator. 

He Successfully runs and owns the YouTube channel – NoSteroids. He helps businesses get more views, engagement and eventually more conversions through YouTube Channel Growth.

Read on to know more about his story and how he is growing conversion through video strategy. 

1. Tell us about your life journey, Mohamed?

I’m an athlete since I was a child. I practiced a lot of sports like soccer, swimming, self-defense and martial arts.

When I grew older, I became obsessed with lifting weights, building muscles and fitness industry as a whole.

Since then, I used to go to the gym and workout regularly. I became a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. 

Now I have more than 250k of followers from different parts of the World (More than 102k YouTube subscribers and more than 150K of followers on other social media platforms like Facebook).

2. What prompted you to get into Youtube Video Marketing Strategy?

When I was in the gym, I started to notice that people listen to my advice and when they do, they get excellent results.

So, I thought why I don’t help other people to reach their fitness goals. That’s why I created my YouTube channel – NoSteroids which helps people to build muscles naturally and help them burn fat. 

I watched all YouTube tutorial videos, enrolled in all famous courses, read hundreds of books in video marketing strategy.

With more than 5 years of video creation and viewer acquisition in ranging B2B & B2C industries, now I’m a YouTube Channel Growth Certified and YouTube Consultant.

I’m one of the few YouTube Marketing  Consultants that is a dedicated YouTube creator myself.

This is my YouTube Expert website – YouTube Expert

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3. Tell us about your learnings regarding Youtube Video Marketing Strategy?

 “It doesn’t matter what business you are in, every business owner needs video”

My first YouTube video was created in 2006. Since I started creating my official YouTube channel back in 2014, I noticed some of the channels out-there are doing good and others are doing badly.

So, I started to learn what is the secret to be successful on YouTube to help businesses grow their channel professionally.

4. What challenges you face in your work and what keeps you going?

Clients think that they will create any type of content and will be famous overnight.

They need guidance as there are a lot of wrong misconceptions in this field and my job is to help them find the right way.

What keeps me going, is getting excellent results for my clients.

5. What tips you’d like to give to someone who is a newbie to YouTube Video Content?

Patience and consistency are the keys to success. YouTube is a marathon and not a sprint.

To be successful on YouTube, the process only works for those people who put in THE HARD WORK.

YouTube results vary from one person to another and creating compelling, engaging and shareable video content are the keys to success. 

“Growing a YouTube channel is not an overnight success !”

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