Video Marketing Experts’ Tips to their Younger-Self

Video marketing experts give important tips to their younger-self.

We all wish, if we had a mentor who has guided us, then we would not have learned few lessons the hard way.

This is true for every field and Video Content Creation and Marketing is no exception.

Most video marketers must have wondered at some point of time in their career

  • How to create a video content which is effective and get you desired results ?
  • How to market a video content or get millions of views ?
  • What camera and editing software we should use for video creation ?
  • What are the do’s and don’t while creating a video marketing campaign ? 

We can learn in two ways – First is from doing it ourselves and learn from our experience. Second is to learn from other people.

So in order to learn from other people who have ‘been there and done that’ – we approached Video Marketing Experts and Influencers and asked them to share their piece of advice they would like to give to their 10 years younger self. #10yearschallenge

4 Experts were gracious enough to share their wisdom and this is what they said.

Anton Shulke (Head of video content at SEMrush)

video marketing experts

Anton Shulke used to host Digital Marketing Webinars earlier. Now, he is the head of Video Content at SEMrush.

Tips for younger Anton Shulke

Make sure you know why are you doing your event.

And if the answer is: because I can or it is my job – think again, and probably skip this one.

Remember you have 2 types of community to build: viewers -the audience itself and “experts” – webinar participants, sometimes the second one could be as important as the first one.

Remember, live online event is a very powerful Influencer Marketing tool.

You can not please everyone, make sure experts are pleased as well as your core audience. 1 webinar won’t change your life.

Go for regularity and building community.

Marko Saric (Founder at How to make my blog)

Marko Saric is a blogger, marketer, writer, creator from Denmark, and is a reason behind this below video campaign.

Tips to younger Marko Saric –                                                       

Just throw yourself into it. If content creation and video production is something you feel excited about, go do it. 

Don’t plan too much, don’t think for a long time and don’t do too much research. 

It’s useful to be “ignorant” about things when starting out. No preconceptions, no expectations, no pressure, no comparisons with others, no specific goals. 

That’s the best way to be truly free to fully test, experiment, explore and learn. Good luck !

Christoph Trappe (Chief content Officer at AC Business Media)

Christoph, a trained journalist, has expanded his skills in content marketing across many industries. Today he is in Top 25 content marketer and in Top 100 digital marketer.

Tips to younger Christoph Trappe – 

Use all the technology you have at your fingertips. 

Yes, it’s nice to have the fanciest camera, but sometimes your iPhone will do just fine. 

I remember using Flipcams before iPhones even.

Check out Christoph’s best multi channel marketing approach through Video.

Ricky Wolff ( Founder and marketing manager at Markletics )

Ricky Wolff is is the field marketing coordinator in Europe. He is the founder of Markletic, which is a trusted blog about growth hacking, demand generation, and blogging.

Tips for younger Ricky Wolff

The attention span of people is decreasing. On the contrary, the need for easy to consume content is increasing.

Short videos are easy to consume and are perfect for social media. Some social media channels will stay for a long time and they are over-saturated.

However, there will also be new social media platforms in the future. This gives you as video marketer huge potential to claim market share at the new social media platforms.

The most important thing is to always keep innovating and jumping on new technologies as soon as they happen.

This gives you the first-mover advantage; whether it is 360-degree videos, virtual reality, or other new technologies that will be invented.

You have to be creative because it is becoming easier and easier to develop videos. Everyone has a smartphone and editing software is becoming mainstream.

Check out viral video campaign by Ricky Wolff

It is important to “hook” people within the first few seconds of your video. If you can’t get the attention of the viewers at the beginning, they will move on to the next video.

A good example is cooking videos: first show the finished meal and then continue by showing the recipe.

With the increasing rise of mobile devices and faster internet across the globe, the need for videos will continue to grow.

Experiment with unique ways to differentiate your video marketing strategies compared to your competition. My advice is to always make videos personable.

This will create the most interaction and therefore bang for your buck.

About is a global marketplace to hire ‘best fit’ video creator easily, quickly and at the right price.

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