Youtube Advertising – Video Marketing Quiz

Trying to grow your business through video ads on Youtube. But before starting it , do you know about these terms of Youtube Advertising? Check out this Youtube Advertising – video marketing quiz and learn about it.

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1. Which of the amongst is not a type of youtube video ad?
    a. Overlay Ads
    b. Display Ads
    c. Bumper Ads
    d. In-feed Ads

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2. What is the maximum video length of non-skippable ads in India?
    a. 30 seconds
    b. 25 seconds
    c. 20 seconds
    d. 15 seconds

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3. Which of the following is not a Campaign type in Youtube?
    a. Search Network
    b. Display Network
    c. Shopping
    d. Partner Network

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4. What is the maximum time duration of bumper ad on Youtube?
    a. 5 Seconds
    b. 6 Seconds
    c. 7 Seconds
    d. 8 Seconds

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5. You pay for a TrueView in-stream ad only when somebody watches it for at least how much duration?
    a. 5 Seconds
    b. 10 Seconds
    c. 15 Seconds
    d. 30 Seconds

1. In-Feed Ads
2. 20 Seconds
3. Partner Network
4. 6 Seconds
5. 30 Seconds

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