Agility & Adaptability are two core strengths which gives a leading edge for video marketing – Yana Katz

Yana Katz was a curious, creative, analytical, and a tech-savvy girl from childhood.

She completed her degree in LLB and BBA but her passion and love towards the technology and marketing field led her to Mobco Media.

Currently she is the head of the Video department with an independent unit that operates across all channels (Video, Display) and environments (Desktop, Mobile, Connected TV) while working with the leading advertisers and brands in the market.

Read on to know more about her and her Video Marketing Strategies.

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1. Tell us about your life journey, Yana?

My journey thus far has been about starting with a clean slate and building something that I am proud of.

I was born in Ukraine and moved to Israel with my parents as an infant. I was taught to strive for excellence and always have big goals and expectations. Unlike most young girls, growing up I did not dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer. I was curious, creative, analytical, and tech savvy.

I got my degree in LLB and BBA, interned at leading law offices, passed the Bar exam, and was certified as a Lawyer. But I did not find what I was looking for.

Somewhere in the middle of my internship, I decided that this wasn’t the right path for me. From a young age, I was fascinated by technology and the marketing field, I decided to pursue this path.

This led me to Mobco Media. MobCo is an intelligence company that has adapted to the changing marketing landscape. Started 7 years ago, MobCo focusses on user acquisition and mobile performance. However, due to growing demand and inputs received from our relations with brands and agencies, we started a new branch – Video Advertising.

It started with our CEO, Tomer Hen and I. We’d often stay well into the late evenings working on Ad Operations. We started by testing video campaigns with small budgets and were pleasantly surprised with the results!

Today the Video department is an independent unit that operates across all channels (Video, Display) and environments (Desktop, Mobile, Connected TV) while working with the leading advertisers and brands in the market.

Our amazing global team includes Business, Account, and Ad Operations professionals working cohesively towards one goal – achieving and delivering excellence of our partners. 

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2. In the competitive digital marketing landscape, what strategies does MobCo employ to stay one step ahead of the game?

I think it comes down to our very nature. Much like our mascot – the chameleon, we’ve learned to adapt to thrive. We constantly have our ears to the ground and our eyes to the sky.

Each member of our global team researches and stays up to date on technology, processes, and approaches in the Industry. We study campaigns, analyse the strategy employed, see what worked and what failed, and then personalize our findings to create a cohesive approach which we implement.

Our agility and adaptability are two core strengths which have always given us a leading edge.  Coupled with our proprietary technology and global talent, we have honed-in on the perfect blend to propel us towards greater heights.

I think the fact that we’ve never shied away from taking risks but capitalized on potential opportunities also makes us a commendable entity in the digital marketing landscape.

When it comes to Video Advertising and Brand Awareness, many companies would have stuck to doing what they do best. But we ventured out into uncharted waters and carved our own path to success. In this industry, it pays to push the boundaries.

The next chapter for MobCo is very exciting! We’ve recently acquired apps to create our own gaming studio which we intend to leverage to further our campaigns.

In everything we do, we go one step beyond to deliver excellence for our partners and clients. At the end of the day – they choose who they would like to partner with, and to be chosen by global agencies and brands, it validates everything that we stand for and accomplish.

We aren’t just trying to rule the field, we’re trying to redefine the game – that’s what sets us apart – ambition backed by drive.

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3. Please tell us about your most successful video marketing campaign. 

We measure our success based on the delivery of KPI for our clients and the outcome of that campaign. To answer your question, our most successful video marketing campaign revolved around the promotion of a commodity that required specific audience targeting.

The challenge we faced with this campaign was the multiple variables attributed to the measurement of success. The Advertiser wanted high-scale and reach, high completion rate, and satisfactory CTR in a tight timeline.

We had to simultaneously and efficiently cater to all KPIs to ensure the best result. Striking the balance between catering to the Advertiser’s criteria of high scale and high KPI, coupled with executing the campaign in a realistic, yet, the skilled approach was crucial to the success of this campaign. 

Our team had to think of a way to surge the optimization efforts to meet the client’s timeline. Our innovative approach coupled with the combination of our proprietary technology and experienced global talent helped us achieve results that surpassed expectations.

In addition, as an outcome of this campaign, we were engaged to run another campaign for the same brand with a different target audience – a true measure of our success.

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4. What was your Video distribution strategy?

With this campaign, because of the multiple variables, there was no standard strategy that could be employed. This campaign was a blend of namely two fundamental distribution strategies:

Client Management and Transparency: Communicating and delivering the right information to the partner was pivotal in this campaign.

We see our Clients and Partners not as entities, but as people and relationships that we engage. As such, we strive to maintain a constant flow of information, right from updating on the challenges and setbacks that we face to the solutions we utilize.

We strive to create an environment where our partners feel free to give us their opinion, and in turn, we also provide suggestions, solutions, and plans that will guarantee the best outcome. 

Tech and Innovation:   We did not hold back with this campaign; we leveraged our proprietary technology, segmented data history, and real-time optimization to target relevant placements, publishers and users who meet the advertiser’s KPI’s and targets. 

Combined with new creative formats like rich media in the most relevant placements for this audience, we were able to interact and engage with users in innovative ways. 

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5. What tips you would like to give to other video marketers on producing video content campaigns for their Organization?  

Think like a chameleon! 

In this fast-changing industry where new regulations and trends are at the front and center daily, we should be ready and agile in adapting, evolving, innovating, and learning.

There is no standard format, rule, or strategy that can guarantee success. Thriving in this Industry requires out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. Every campaign is different, and so are the solutions and perspectives.

It is exciting and rewarding when you receive multiple approaches from your team to overcome one hurdle because that is where true innovation and creativity is born.

So, think like a chameleon – change, adapt, and thrive to fit the landscape!

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