Top 7 Video Production Companies in San Francisco (2024 Edition)

So you are searching for top video production companies in San Francisco? Well, this list might solve your problem. 

When you want to outsource something, you are not just looking for a service provider but a partner who is capable and takes ownership.

When it comes specifically to video creation, you want someone who can complement your in-house skill sets. Someone who can help you with scriptwriting, storyboarding, production planning, storytelling editing, and at the same time accountable.

But how to find a company that can easily understand your point of view and your video requirements, 

To solve this problem, we at have curated the list of top San Francisco video production companies that are doing amazing work. 

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1. Capitola Media

Capitola Media is a video production company in San Francisco. They make a ton of videos like web videos, YouTube videos., promo videos, interviews, testimonials, product demos, live-action, webcasting, 360-degree video, etc.

They also provide still photography, studio shoots, location shoots, and travel shoot services. They have worked with many internet startups to Hollywood studios.

Their clients are Disney, Samsung, Microsoft, P&G, IBM, ABC, Intel, Apple, Bank of the West, etc.

2. Studiobfilms

Studiobfilms is another video production company in San Francisco. Their main expertise is explainer videos, sizzle videos, event videos, customer testimonial videos, brand videos, training videos, product videos and corporate video production in San Francisco along with many more video production services..

The company was founded in 1992 and has more than 27 years of video production experience. They have worked with many well-known companies like Lending Club, Adobe, Facebook, Grammarly, Get Safe, Shockwave Medical, and many others.

They are one of the top companies in video marketing production, in San Francisco.

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3. MVP

MVP is one of the most known video production companies in San Francisco. Their services are product videos, brand videos, testimonial videos, crowdfunding videos, animation videos, event videos, resort videos, etc.

Additionally, they also provide video editing and aerial cinematography services.

The unique thing about MVP is that they have their own studio with a full cyclorama-sound stage and green screen equipment in-house.

Their long list of clients has companies like IBM, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Camelbak, Genentech, GoPro, Outside, Panasonic, Kensington, Polar, EA, etc.

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4. Crushpix

Crushpix is a video production agency in San Francisco. Their specialities are training videos, marketing videos, event videos, sizzle videos, product videos, industrial videos, promotional videos, recruiting videos, corporate videos, etc.

They also provide models, actors, actresses, videographers, food stylists, set dressers, video editors, and animators. Their executive producer David Ronan has 25 years of video production experience and has worked on various television films, online shows, and films.

Their huge range of clients includes companies like Google, Paypal, Brita, Sunpower, Kingsford, Glad, Freshstep, ENERPAC, and many more.

5. Picturelab

Picturelab provides various kinds of video production services in San Francisco such as commercial videos, explainer videos, branded videos, client testimonial videos, etc.

They are a very experienced video company that has won the award for top B2B companies by Wingo. 

Their client list includes many big companies like Linkedin, Facebook, Google, Samsung, PagerDuty, Mint box, Thumbtack, Esignal, and other big companies.

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6. Feel Good Video

Feel Good Video is one of the top video production companies in the San Francisco Bay area. They are mainly known for their corporate videos, explainer videos, viral videos, 360 videos, 2D and 3D animation videos, 360 videos, product videos, crowdfunding videos, etc.

Other than this, they also provide video marketing, photography, editing, and motion graphics services.

The special thing about Feel Good Video is that they have a team of expert filmmakers and their producers have more than 20 years of experience and have worked in more than 20 countries,

They have worked with companies like OGAWA, Samsung, HP, Columbia University, Maybelline, Ercom, Cleansolar, etc.

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7. Fog Coast Productions

Fog Coast Productions is a video production company in San Francisco. Their expertise is digital videos, graphic videos, animation videos, social media videos, corporate videos, etc.

They also provide video editing and drone photo & video services.

The unique thing about Fog Coast Productions is that they are insured by The Hartford and Federal Aviation Administration.

They have helped companies like Hearsay, Uncollege, Growthplug, and Glassdoor. Casekeepers, Fundingcircle, Vantiq, Xsoft, etc.

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