Top 14 Indian Startups with the Best UI/UX Design

Disclaimer: In order to help other startups, we at (a global marketplace to hire right video creators to make awesome videos) have compiled this list.

The list is not in any particular order. The idea behind compiling this list is to learn from these startups and at the same time share the learning with other startups.

Visitors take approximately 0.05 seconds to make the impression.

According to research, 46.1% of people say that website design is the top criteria to judge the company’s credibility and 2/3rd of the people prefer to read something beautifully designed.

At the same time good UX is absolutely necessary to allow the users to complete the task with complete ease.

Here are top 14 Indian Startups with the creative and innovative UI/UX design:

1. Career Anna

Career Anna has a good color combination, provided the content through text and video and the updated information notification at the top of home page .

Career Anna - UI/UX Design

2.   mfine

Mfine’s pages are dynamic. The unique and creative way of explanation and only the necessary pages are there in the menu at top.

Mfine - UI/UX Design

3. My OmNamo

My OmNamo includes the related graphics and symbols which effectively communicate what the website is all about. A dynamic and colorful website has services displayed on the cover image itself.

My OmNamo - UI/UX Design

4.   Scapic    

Scapic contains the video at the starting on the home page for the better explanation. Even the explanation of what can be done through scapic is through the sample videos only. Dynamic content and bright colors are used. Highlighting the Login and Signup CTA at the top and only useful content in the menu displayed at the top else are at the bottom.

Scapic - UI/UX Design


Super cool UI/ UX. has different menu options at top which are actually their business units. Overall amazing user experience. - UI/UX Design

6.  Doxper

Doxper has a video at the starting and a well structured design which provides to help visitors to navigate the site easily. The proper relevant image is used with each topic.


HungerBox has dynamicity which makes a page more interesting. The designing of each segment is so attractive that it forces a visitor to have a look at least once.


Toppr has a CTA at every page which is giving ease to visitors to take action from anywhere. Attractive colors for particular segments are used.

Toppr - UI/UX Design


Spoonshot has dynamic text which gives a user a real world experience. The well grid based page creating no chaos on the page.

Spoonshot - UI/UX Design

10.    Roposo

Roposo’s home page menu appears in different dialog box. They have mentioned all vernacular languages in which the site can be used to avoid any language barrier for using a platform.

Roposo - UI/UX Design

11.    HappyEasyGo

HappyEasyGo has a simple and short home page where only the necessary pages are there in the top menu. Also displaying dialog box for the vouchers and discounts available.

Happyeasygo - UI/UX Design

12. Samunnati

Samunnati has a good user experience module as it has a seperate page for every topic. In my opinion, no user can could get confused in understanding the site. Colorful images are used to enhance to overall look.

Samunnati - UI/UX Design

13. Health Assure

Health Assure has an uniquely designed website with a different concept of presentation. A well sorted website gives an overall best user experience.

Health Assure - UI/UX Design

14. Narvar

Narvar has an easily usable and understandable design. A simple menu and a well grid based pages giving a simplicity to the page which increases the user experience.

Narvar - UI/UX Design


There are no rules as such when it comes UI/UX of a website but here are some things which make good experience of user – Site speed, Responsiveness, CTA at right place, Easy Navigation, Less texts, Use of media like Images/ Videos

Overall, a good design not only helps in the ranking of a page/ website but more importantly leads to conversion.

If you think we have missed a startup or you want to suggest something, please write to us at team(at)vidsaga(dot)com and will include your suggestion as well


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