Top 25 Singapore Startups With Best Explainer Videos

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This list is not in any particular order.

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Unless you are living under a rock, you must be knowing that Explainer videos help educate the users, sell products, and deliver a strong and compelling message that inspires people to do something. 

These videos may be short, but they are packed with action and information.

As cool it may sound, making an explainer video is not easy.

Therefore, to inspire and give you an easy approach, we have come up with a list of companies that have mastered explainer videos. 

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Here is the list of “Top Singapore Startups With Best Explainer Videos”.

1. Doctor Anywhere:

Doctor Anywhere is a web 24/7 healthcare platform that provides quick access to its users. 

The explainer video shows that they have a robust network of skilled doctors, to succeed in any location for wellness and health solutions. They supply medications via video call within hours. 

The explainer had 2D characters, with eye-catching graphics and color combinations. The video also had voice-over and text animations to explain the entire functionality of the company.

2.V- Key:

V-Key is a digital security platform providing solutions for mobile identity, authentication, authorization, and payments for major banks, payment gateways, and government agencies.

The explainer has 2D characters explaining how digital platforms are at risk of being misused. The video has appealing motion graphics, text animations, and voice-over delivering the core message.

3. King Swap:

KingSwap is a decentralized finance liquidity pool platform that provides off-ramp fiat currency converting solutions.

This whiteboard explainer video breaks down everything that the company offers in its services. The video has interesting graphics with multiple 2D characters with text animations and a voice-over that would help viewers understand the message better.

4. CardUp:

CardUp is a credit card platform that enables the payment or collection of big expenses using credit cards in places where cards are not accepted. 

CardUp’s explainer video smartly shows the problem and the solution. The video is to the point with a well-written script and alluring graphics. 

The video is simple and fluent enough to deliver the message.

5. Beeketing:  

Beeketing is a platform for selling apps for online shop owners of all types and sizes, with particular attention on boosting conversions, revenue, and customer engagement.

Beeketing’s explainer video gives insights about their boot sales app that can be used for upscaling sales. 

The video has very interesting graphics defining the pain points of a potential customer looking for solutions. But apart from that, the video also boasts about their user base which helps in building trust with new customers.

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6. Cargobase:

Cargobase is a leading global logistics platform that gives intelligent, real, and dynamic solutions that transform the way their supply chains operate and perform in a hyper-evolving logistics landscape.

This explainer video is simple, elegant, and one that connects directly to the users’ pain points. The video is a complete package of to-the-point information with proper use of graphics, text animations, and voice-over.

7. Igloohome:

Igloohome is a smart-lock startup that helps property owners with access management. It helps people to manage homes and properties through technologies. 

All of those locks are built with secure cryptography technologies for interoperability across Igloohome’s software and hardware.

Igloohome’s explainer videos start off with a character named Sam who remotely controls the locks at his house and office via Igloohome’s App. 

The video successfully exhibited what they bring to the table with fascinating graphics and voiceover.

8. H3 Dynamics:

H3 Dynamics is a global AI and Robotics service company that turns unstructured data from the physical world into digital inspection reports as a service.

This startup explainer video has visuals and graphics that are good enough to understand the services they provide.  They have used voice-over in the video that helps a viewer to understand their service more deeply. 

The visuals, motion graphics, and text animations glue you to watch the video.

9. Appknox:

Appknox is a complete mobile security solution to assist app owners and developers secure their apps. Appknox detects vulnerabilities in your mobile app & helps fix the safety loopholes in only a couple of minutes.

This explainer starts with the pain point that every app developer faces i.e security. 

The exhibits the services they provide in a smart and subtle way with the usage of engaging graphics, stats, text animations, and voice-over.

The video was a complete package of all the essentials required for making an explainer video.

10. Zilingo:

Zilingo is a web marketplace offering multi-category products. The merchandise catalog includes apparel, home decor, beauty products, footwear, jewelry, stationery, and more.

Zilingo’s explainer video layout the introduction of their product known as Zilingo connect that makes online sales easy.

The explainer video showcases the entire functionality of their platform with text animations, easy-to-understand motion graphics, voice-over, and a simple piece of background music.

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11. 99.Co: is a map-based property search engine that provides renters, buyers, and agents a fast and efficient property search experience.

This live-motion explainer video is a short and interesting piece where it explains the services they provide i.e Property search. 

Their video greatly speaks how 99.Co can keep you afar from your Ex. Apart from the Ex thing, the video had eye-catching text animations and graphics that can keep you glued. 

12. Shopmatic:

Shopmatic is an e-commerce technology firm. The corporation provides an integrated platform for the listing of products, alongside payments & logistics support.

This explainer video was short and to the point. The video showed what they are good at in a short span of time with eye-catching graphics and text animations.

13. PropertyGuru:

PropertyGuru Group is a web platform to seek out land properties. It enables users to specify a location to seek out an inventory of relevant registered properties and avail information like transaction details, neighborhood insights, market reports, and more. 

PropertyGuru created a video using graphics and voice-over. This video general data to which every individual can somehow relate. 

This is a perfect example of how minimum animation and motion graphics with text can create an impactful video.

14. Nium:

NIUM offers cross-border money transfer solutions to enterprises and little businesses. It provides tools that help in sending, receiving, and making payments. 

They made an explainer video using 2D characters, motion graphics, voice-over, and text animations. The video gives an insight to the viewers about the services they provide and what they bring to the table

15. Deskera:

Deskera provides cloud-based ERP and accounting solutions to SMBs. It features solutions for ERP, invoice management, CRM, inventory management, quotation, financial reporting, and more.

Deskerea’s created a simple video with 2D characters with impressive graphics and great color combinations with a voiceover that demonstrates the functioning of the company and also discussed the pain points of the user to gain trust.

16. Visenze:

ViSenze is a provider of AI-based visual search and recognition tools for e-tailers. Its technology solution uses deep learning & computer vision techniques to conduct image extraction & recognition, adaptive machine learning, and dynamic contextual analysis.

Visenze’s explainer starts off with stats and data that connects with the potential customer. The video had appealing graphics and text animations to explain what Visesze does in detail. 

The video has a bold choice of color combinations which complemented with the graphics and texts. 

Amazing work there!!

17. Glints:

Glints is Southeast Asia’s largest talent platform for career development and recruitment.

They have created an explainer video with alluring graphics, text animations, and a voice-over that are appealing enough to understand the services they provide. Glints explainer video entices a viewer to watch the video till the end.

18. Zenyum:

Zenyum sells invisible braces by combining both telehealth also as visits to its partner clinics and in-house orthodontists and printing its aligners with 3D technology. 

This explainer video has a well-written script that connects to the pain points of a ton of users. With the use of 2D characters, motion graphics, and text animations, they have been able to deliver the core message in a simple and subtle way.

19. Seedly:

Seedly is a finance assistant platform that helps make financial decisions with the right tools.

Seedly’s created a video explainer video in which it introduces its community. The video displayed the interface of its community platform with alluring graphics and text animations to complement it. 

The video was interesting and this is what brings it to the list.

20. Funding Societies:

Funding Societies is an online peer-to-peer financing platform that connects SMEs with retail and institutional lenders.

This startup explainer video explains the “Auto Invest” feature of the platform. The visuals of the video are easy to understand the services they provide. The graphic, text animations and voice-over have an insight into the company’s product. 

21. My Republic:

It is one of the fastest-growing telecom operators. Their vision is to be the world’s largest enabler of deep, meaningful, and trusted relationships between customers and products through a highly scalable connectivity franchise model.

This simple and to-the-point explainer video discusses the key points of its new product with the use of simple graphics, text animations, and a simple piece of background music.

22. Tueetor:

Tueetor is a platform that enables users to instantly find tutors and trainers for a wide range of academic and non-academic subjects.

Tueetor’s explainer video is short and easy to grab. The video had interesting 2D characters, with perfect color combinations and text animations that complemented with the graphics. 

The video was all engaging and can keep a viewer glued.


TradeGecko is an inventory and order management platform designed for brand owners and distributors.

TradeGecko’s explainer video explains the integration of Xero and TradeGecko and how it can benefit the user. 

By viewing the video, an individual can easily understand what the company offers.

The display of information and the smart use of graphics and animations is what brings TradeGecko to the list.

24. Trax:

Trax provides in-store execution tools, market measurement services, and data science solutions for retail. Its mission is to enable brands and retailers to harness digital technologies’ power to produce the best shopping experiences imaginable.

This explainer video interestingly shows how a user can empower themselves with their services. 

They have demonstrated the entire functioning of their company with proper usage of graphics, text animation, and voice-over.

Trax’s video was a complete package! 


Sunseap is a platform that specializes in solar and clean energy with solutions in funding, development, designing, engineering, and construction. 

Sunseap’s explainer is short and connects to the pain points of an EV owner. The video has 2D graphics with subtle color combinations and text animations that connect to a viewer. 

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