Top 5 Explainer Video Production Companies in the USA (2024 Edition)

Congrats! You are at the correct place to choose from the top explainer video production companies.

On a serious note, we all know that explainer videos have become essential for businesses, especially startups and new-age products. A short powerful video that explains your product/ mobile app/ platform/ solution in a way that your audience immediately connects with it. 

However, hiring the right person is not easy as there are thousands of explainer video production companies out there in the market. So, how will you choose the right one?

To solve this problem for businesses and marketers, we at have made a list of the top 5 explainer video companies in the USA that can make an engaging explainer video that can fulfil your business objective.

Top Explainer Video Production Companies in the USA

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1. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is an explainer video company in the USA. Their main services are explainer videos, corporate videos, educational videos, motion graphics videos, startup videos, demo videos, branded videos, and marketing videos.

Their pricing range starts from $2500 for whiteboard animation video, $5000 for motion graphics video, and $8500 for character animation video.

They have an in-house experienced team and they have worked with companies like RBC, BDC, Impark, Goldcorp, BCSPCA, etc.

They are one of the top explainer video companies in the USA based on their quality, creativity and services.

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2. Promoshin

Promoshin is an explainer video company in Los Angeles, USA. Their expertise is 2D character animation, motion graphics video, Whiteboard videos, screencast videos, 3D animation videos, and live-action product videos.

They have a lot of experience and have worked with more than 500 companies in 33 countries and made over 5000 videos.

Their client list is huge in different industries: technology, real estate, non-profit, etc. Some of their big clients are NASA, ORACLE, UBER, Microsoft, AAOS, Hint, CSIRO, Continental, Cinemark, SMC, and many more

The unique thing about Promoshin is that they follow the policy of “Made in America” and they have a US-based creative team

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3. Switch Video

Switch Video is an explainer video company in Texas, USA. They make explainer videos, product videos, A/B testing videos, training videos, live-action videos, and animated video series.

They have 11 years of experience and have worked with over 440 clients in 15 different countries.

Their team contains experienced writers, animators, production, creative directors, etc.

Switch Video client’s list includes many known big companies like Linkedin, Amazon, HP, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

4. Idea Rocket Animation

Idea Rocket Animation is another explainer video company in New York, USA. Their services include internal videos, explainer videos, commercial videos, startup videos, 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, whiteboard animation videos, and live-action videos. 

They have won many awards for their videos such as The Telly Award, The Communicator Award, AI-AP’s International Motion Art Award, etc.

Their long list of clients includes EA, CITI, Exon, Metlife, Ford, Showtime, Tiffany and Co, Verizon, DDB, Deloitte, Liily, Kimberly-Clark, Venmo, Novartis, Ralph Lauren, etc.

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5. Stellar Videos

Steller Videos is an explainer video company in the USA Their expertise lies in motion graphics videos, corporate videos, whiteboard animation videos, instructional videos, walk-through videos, etc.

They have two main pricing packages – Basic and Premium. The basic only contains the video and voice over while the premium package includes script, storyboarding, custom handcrafted artwork, etc.

Their client list includes companies such as ORACLE, Walkera Athena, US Bank, Chrome River, etc.

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