Top 25 Austrian Startups with Best Explainer Videos (2021 Edition)

In order to recognize startups and help other startups and SMEs, we at (a global marketplace for Organizations to create awesome videos) have compiled this list. 

This list is not in any particular order.

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These days, video content is king. It seems that everyone wants to create the most compelling explainer videos to give a complete overview of their brand.

Explainer videos can be made in a variety of genres using tons of tactics ranging from whiteboard or live-action videos that communicate a message in a clear, concise, and memorable way.

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In order to help Startups and other modern companies, we compiled a list of companies that created top explainer videos

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Here are “The Top 25 Austrian Startups with Best Explainer Videos” to draw inspiration from.

1.Medicus AI:

Medicus AI is a smart platform that interprets and translates medical reports to the user in an easy and understandable way.

This startup explainer video explains the entire functionality of Medicus AI. The video showcased how it works and the benefits it puts on the table. 

The video smartly used the 2D characters, motion graphics, and visuals to put forward the company’s thoughts and its offers. The video also had a voice-over to walk an individual over the video.  


MySugr is a diabetes management application. It is from Diabetic patients dedicated to all diabetic patients. The application stores all the diabetes data from connected devices and by manual entries.

Once the diabetes device is connected to the mySugr app, the connected meter will automatically log all blood sugar readings into the app. 

This explainer video explains the procedure to operate the app.

The 60 seconds video has fine use of graphics, visuals, and text animations to display the core message of the company and its functions. offers a mobile SDK that enables mobile apps to get position updates indoors, locate, and navigate inside buildings without requiring additional onsite hardware.  startup explainer has smart and simple animation that explains the working of its platform. The video connects to the pain points of an individual. 

The video also smartly solves the problem and the solution they offer at the table with proper use of eye-catching visuals, text animations, and voice-over.

The video was over the top! is a platform that delivers AI-based solutions to soothe the employee’s burden of viewing large amounts of documents.

The explainer video gives an overview of and how it increases the efficiency of the solutions. 

The video had good visuals of 2D characters and text animations with appealing graphics. It also had background music with a voiceover escorting an individual to the end. 

5. Global Rockstar:

Global Rockstar is a music platform for artists and fans, offering new ways for musicians around the world.

Global Rockstar conducts the world’s largest online music contest where fans can vote for their favorite artists for free via social media, and they can also support the artists via paid votes.

This video is showcasing the features and the working of Global Rockstar. This explainer video has a well-written script with proper use of 2D characters and motion graphics. 

The video has a subtle collection of colors and the voiceover in the video guides an individual till the end.

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6. GoStudent:  

GoStudent is an online learning platform that connects students with a tutor. It is a company that provides a chat-based learning application intended to allow students to ask questions anonymously with tutors.

This short live-action explainer discusses the functionality of its platform in an interesting fashion where it uses bright colors, text animations, and a voice-over to deliver the core message in seconds.

Kudos to the team!


Cashpresso is an online application that enables you to pay expenses in flexible installments.

Cashpresso’s explainer video is short, informative, and to the point. The video has appreciating visuals, text animations, and a voice-over that make the video an easy-to-understand piece for any individual.


Bikemap is an online bicycle route application. It was created by passionate cyclists with the goal of sharing awesome routes with cyclists around the world. 

Bikemap enables every cyclist to find the most suitable route for touring anywhere and anytime.

The video is simple and easy to understand. It shows the functioning of the Bikemap route application. The video has route animations and text animations and no voice-over but the text animations were enough to deliver the message.

9. PhagoMed Biopharma:

PhagoMed Biopharma is an Austrian biotech company that develops virus-based therapies against bacterial infections. 

This is an explainer video of Novel therapy for recurrent bacterial vaginosis by PhagoMed Biopharma.

This video is a complete package of 2D characters,  appealing graphics with animation and text animations, and a voice-over to support it.

10. Kapsch Group:

Kapsch Group is one of Austria’s most successful technology corporations in the fields of mobility and digitalization.

The company develops and sells products, systems, and services primarily for Electronic Toll Collection systems and specializes in solutions for Open Road Tolling, Multi-Lane Free-Flow and High Occupancy Tolling.

Kapsch TrafficCom’s explainer video explains integrated mobility management. They demonstrated their IMM with appealing graphics along with animations. The video has a voice-over to walk an individual over it and the colors used were eye-catching.

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11. Kiweno:

Kiweno is a platform that manufactures self-test kits for nutrients, food tolerances, and intolerances. 

Kiweno empowers individuals to understand, manage and optimize their own health in a personalized and engaging way.

The startup explainer introduces the innovative vitamin-D rapid self-test kit from kiweno. The video has a bright use of colors, visuals, and text animation to give an individual an insight into the company’s functioning.

12. Newsadoo:

Newsadoo is a platform that personalizes news with AI. Newsadoo collates news pieces from newspapers, radio broadcasts, TV stations, and online portals. 

Newsadoo explainer video shows the features of its application where one can get news anywhere and anytime by using this application.

The video had appealing visuals, with eye-catching motion graphics. The video also had text animations with no voice-over but an upbeat background made the video an interesting piece.

13. Journi:

Journi is an application that helps users to log their travels for themselves. It helps create print products like photo books as easily as taking photos, leveraging the power of AI.

This startup video showcases how to create a photo book using Journi. This piece shows the interface of its platform along with text animations that would help an individual to get an insight into the platform. 

14. Involve. me: reimagines customer experience by allowing e-commerce shops & digital marketers to easily create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey.’s explainer video showcases the entire process of how to use with a voice-over to guide the process. The video displayed the entire interface of the platform, along with text animations to help an individual understand the platform. 

15. Twingz:

Twingz is a Vienna-based company that provides predictive analytics solutions. Twingz recognizes activities of appliances and machinery by reading meter data feeds of electricity meters and delivers valuable insights to their clients. 

Twingz explainer had appealing visuals and graphics to make individuals understand the service they provide. 

The video is a complete package of graphics, animation, and voice-over with soft background music. 

The explainer connects to the safety concerns of any individual and it smartly displays the problem and the solution it brings to the table.

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16. Smart Engine:

Smart Engine develops innovative advertising technology connecting merchants to consumers via payment platforms.

Smart Engine’s explainer video explaining the smart ads they provide and also the benefits.

This is a complete animation video with eye-catching visuals and a voice-over to support an individual to understand the process.

17. iDWELL:

iDWELL is the first SaaS CRM-Software in the property management market which integrates all communication channels to one platform. 

The video displayed the entire process in a cheerful way with amazing graphics, text animations, and background music. The video was a total package.

18. Zoovu:

Zoovu platform transforms product data into structured and searchable information so that businesses can deliver consumer-friendly search experiences.

This is an animation video explaining the benefits a user gets by using Zoovu. The Graphical representation in this video was impressive and the voiceover guides an individual to understand the operation.

19. Blockpit:

Blockpit has developed a software monitoring solution that is intended for both companies and private cryptocurrency traders.

This enables a clear calculation of the taxable crypto income and an acceptance of the tax return by tax consultants.

This explainer is a guided tour about Blockpit, explaining the services and functioning of Blockpit. The visuals are brilliant and the video also had a voice-over with background music. 

20. Sheepblue:

Sheepblue is a company focusing on automated employee scheduling, driven by Artificial Intelligence. It helps to find the optimal schedule for all participants by taking individual preferences into account. 

This is an explainer video explaining how an employee’s automated reschedule is done.

This video showcases a 2D character who is apparently an employee who reschedules his work using SheepBlue. The video has text animations and eye-catching graphics with a voice-over to support.

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21. Pocketcoach:

Pocketcoach is a chatbot that helps people cope with anxiety. It’s a virtual mental health assistant that guides its users through a coaching program.

This is a demo video showing how the Pocketcoach works. The video has text animations with pleasant background music. The video is simple and easy to understand.

22. hiMoment:

hiMoment is a guided journaling app based on neuroscience & AI that helps you increase resilience, confidence, self-esteem, and joy. hiMoment challenges you to focus on the good moments that are happening around you every day.

The video showcased the list of hiMoment’s journaling tracks for a better life. The text animations in the video guide how the hiMoment works and the background music in the video were very pleasant.

23. JobRocker:

JobRocker is a Vienna-based startup, which is an online job search portal that connects applicant’s CVs with job openings, using a proprietary algorithm and human-driven consulting work.

The explainer video is a straightforward video explaining how Jobrockers help an individual in a job search.

The video has a combination of bright colors with 2D characters and text animations to help an individual walk over the video. The voiceover in the video helps the audience to understand the core message of the company.

24. PlanRadar:

PlanRadar is a cloud-based SaaS solution for construction documentation and defect management in real estate projects.

This is an explainer video explaining the working of PlanRadar and the services they provide.

The video had 2D characters with motion graphics. It also had soft background music. The video had no voiceover but the text animations in the video were good enough to deliver the message.

25. Play Brush:

Playbrush is an oral care invention for children that is designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly and properly via Gamification.

Play Brush’s video has a text explanation of how to use the brush and the mobile in it showing how the game will go. It also has soft background music.

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Our Selection Criteria for Startup Explainer Videos

  • Creativity
  • Well written script
  • Entertaining/ Interesting
  • Clear and simple explanation
  • Music choice
  • Properly defined CTA
  • Engagement

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