Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Middle East

Video Marketing is not just limited to commercials anymore, it has evolved to a greater extent to reach a mass audience in a nickel of time.

Disruptors along with evolution have gained a positive insight from a marketing point of view.

These disruptors are the ones who, through their innovative and out-of-the-box insights have come up with the trends and ways of marketing which all the sizes and types of companies can be benefitted from.

With the sole perspective of recognizing the hard work and appreciating the thought of these disruptors, Vidsaga has compiled the list of Top 25 Disruptors of the Middle East.

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1.Ammar Waganah – CEO & Co-Founder, Dokan Afkar

2. Ali Cagatay Ozcan – CEO & Co-Founder, Justmop

3. Ahmed Osman – Head Of Marketing, MoneyFellows

4. Andrea Janjua – CMO, Fine Guard

5. Ahmed Alenazi – Chief Executive Officer, STC Pay

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6. Audrey Nakad – Co-founder, Synkers

7. Ahmed Helmy – CEO, Rush Brush

8. Ashraf Sabry – CEO, Fawry Pay

9. Badr Kachibal – CEO, Starzly

10. Faraz Khalid – CEO, Noon

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11. Hussam Hammo – CEO, Tamatem Games

12. Ioanna Angelidaki – Co-Founder & CMO, Instashop

13. Josiane Assaad – Senior Marketing Director, Talabat

14. Kemal Erol – Founder & CEO,

15. Mitin Chakraborty – Head of Marketing, Babyshop

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16. Mehdi Oudghiri – Co-founder, Eyewa

17. Mark Chahwan – Co-Founder, Sarwa

18. Marwan Chaar – Managing Director/co-founder, Carzaty

19. Mishal I. Al-Mishari – Deputy CEO, Jahez App

20. Mudassir Sheikha – CEO, Careem

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21. Marwan Abdelaziz – CEO, Ureed

22. Nezar Maroof – AGM – Marketing & Innovation, BenefitPay

23. Rohit Singh Bhatia – Head of Marketing, Home Centre Store

24. Taiba Hamad Al-Humaidhi – Co-Founder & Head of Product Mix, Flowardco

25. Tamim Khalfa – Founder & CEO, Toters

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