Add Lil-bit of humour if your Video is not about Comedy – Varun Surana

“Don’t wait for perfection, Start Working” – Says Varun Surana

Varun Surana, a renowned growth consultant and a video content creator, runs a YouTube channel under his name.

He has served 100’s of companies and various brands for brand management, video content  marketing etc.

Read on to know more about this video expert. 

1. Varun, Tell us about your life journey ?

I was born and brought up in a family where business was not a cup of tea for any of the family members.

All are either government servants or in Jobs and Females – house-wives.

So from the day I got some sense I thought I might be forced to join a job as well.

But luckily that didn’t happen as I was asked to do whatever I want.  Back then, I was not mature enough to decide what is right and wrong, but my father always emphasized that – ‘you’ll learn from mistakes only.’

I tried for IIT/ Law as well, but somehow all these didn’t work for me. So I finally went for management education.

But then again I got distracted as suddenly I wanted to become a DJ and I got trained for that. Later on, I pursued event management in student life.

I always wanted to learn continuously but not through this boring system and this is how I jumped into the training industry and took many online-offline classes for business growth, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

2. What prompted you to start making videos

As I mentioned learning should be interesting and audio visuals are the best way to communicate your message effectively.

And of course, youtube helped many people to become popular from ordinary life and I too had a similar dream.

3. Tell us about your learning regarding Video Content?

Don’t wait for perfection, start it – this was my initial motivation & learning. 

But later on, I realized that I should invest time as well as money with professional approach if I want to go long.

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4. What challenges you face in your work and what keeps you going?

I follow a simple thought in my whole life – #RuknaNahiHai (Never Ever Stop)

This is the only source of energy for continuous efforts, though sometimes I stop but as soon as I realize this, I again start moving on.

5. What tips you’d like to give to someone who wants to get into video content?

I would like to share a few tips from my learning as I am also not perfect.

  • Never forget to add a call to action in your videos so people can actually buy your product/services
  • Regional / Hindi content has a bigger scope in India

  • Add Lil-bit of humour if your channel/video is not about comedy or entertainment

  • Don’t make videos more than 7-12 minutes. (if required break them into parts)

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