At Britannia, designing a campaign starts with addressing a business objective: Vinay Subramanyam

“The most powerful and memorable campaigns are the ones that have the most relatable insights. “Vinay Subramanyam – Vice President – Marketing at Britannia Industries Limited.

We talked to Vinay regarding Britannia’s new video ad – “Good Choices From Home”. and learnt the story behind the campaign

Read on to know more about Vinay , Britannia’s internal process of coming up with a campaign, and the idea behind choosing the narration of the campaign.

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1. What is Britannia’s internal process of coming up with a campaign?

At Britannia, designing a campaign starts with addressing business and a marketing objective.

This is further combined with understanding the current market and consumer reality. Post that there is extensive consumer research undertaken to understand consumer needs and preferences better.

The research helps us build a strong base, and with these findings, we get into insight mining. We then narrow it down to the strongest insight that is relevant to our consumers.

After which we build on a suitable proposition for the campaign. The campaign is designed to therefore not only address the business objectives but also be an answer to our consumer’s needs.

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2. What was your thought process and how did you choose this narrative? 

As a brand, we strive to establish that a good choice can make a positive difference, it has the ability to impact one’s health journey, and get you started on a new path altogether.

And that’s what we attempt to establish through our communication. The brand’s personality has always been that of a friendly motivator, to encourage our consumers to make that good choice.

In the current situation, everyone is making health their priority more than ever before.

Stepping outside is restricted, and therefore, everyone now has to figure out ways to stay healthy and fit without having to step outside.

This enabled us to narrow down the narrative to ‘Good Choices can happen at home too.’

The thought process stemmed from the collective experience each and every one of us are facing today. All our fitness schedules, from our daily runs, gyms, sports classes have all come to a standstill.

Despite that, people have found ways to continue staying fit even at home, making the best of their situation. This was further reinforced by our consumers who we could speak to.

From exercising with heavy water cans, squeezing in a workout with your kids around, to conducting an impromptu group exercise with your family, to name a few.

We wanted to celebrate this truth and also encourage our consumers that when it comes to your health, making a good choice is always in your hands, even at home.

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3. What best practices you follow when it comes to executing video ads?

Our brand personality as mentioned has always been about being a friendly motivator, and therefore our tone of voice has always been encouraging and friendly. The effort is to ensure our tonality is in sync with our personality.

Over the years, we have learnt that the most powerful and memorable campaigns are the ones that have the most relatable insights.

The idea is to always be in the know of the consumers’ needs. Consumers evolve and so do their needs, and the brand’s communication therefore should reflect that.  

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4. Please name the team behind the campaign 

Creative: Puneet Kapoor, Romel Joseph, Nainaa Rajpaal, Lohith Chengappa,
N. Sukumaran and A. Aswin

Planning: Kishore Subramanian, Saumya Chattopadhyay and Neha Kulkarni

Account Management: Sonali Khanna, Smrithi Ramanujam, Shreya Singh and Shruthi Rao

Production House: Entourage Films (Director: Rahul Bharti; Producer: Garima Arora)

Brand: Sunny Detani, Sumita Rajan, Vinay Subramanyam 

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About Vinay

Vinay has been with Britannia Industries Limited since Feb’ 2015 and has 17+ years of sales and marketing experience in the FMCG sector.

He has earlier worked with companies such as Kellogg’s and General Mills. Subramanyam previously headed Britannia’s joint venture with Greece’s cakes and confectionery major, Chipita.

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