New Things In Video Marketing In June 2021

To keep our community members updated with the latest news and trends in video marketing globally, we at Vidsaga have curated a list of new things in video marketing in June 2021.

25 New Thing In Video Marketing In June 2021

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook Tests Public Comments Display on Facebook stories
Facebook launches Initial test ads in VR environment
Facebook adds new group admin tool to help to detect potentially problematic exchanges.
Facebook new feature "smart crop" has been added to edit automated videos in creator studio.
Facebook has created a publicly accessible API for AR development
Facebook launches new multi-participant AR effect for AR developers

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TikTok Video Marketing

TikTok has launched new campaign for charity causes
TikTok demands upto $2M for its best advertising slots
TikTok announces new funding and training program for black-owned businesses
TikTok has more young users than youtube and instagram
TikTok beats Facebook and Instagram on Shopping Popularity

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Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram announce monetization for new affiliate program

Youtube Video Marketing

YouTube can now show comments on video in full screen
youtube announces expansion of shorts to add more music options
music artists generate $4bn last year from youtube
youtube adds new analytics options to provide more context on memberships, revenue and more.

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Snapchat Video Marketing

snapchat rolls-out new AR based filter

Twitter Video Marketing

twitter is adding a reply later feature to its interface
now you can see ads on twitter stories fleets
twitter test new labels for misinformation

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Pinterest Video Marketing

pinterest news
Pinterest adds new shopping list feature on its platform

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LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn test new dark mode in desktop app

Video Marketing

reddit is rolling out tiktok like interface for videos

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ByteDance volcano engine news

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