Learn the importance of ad copy in e-commerce from copywriting expert Alexandra Sheehan

Alexandra is an award-winning content and copywriting strategist specialized in B2B retail, e-commerce, and travel. She actively runs her blog – thealexsheehan and has worked with companies like Shopify, Vend, Stitch Labs, and Money Under 30.

In this article, she talks about the importance of ad copy and how to write an effective copy for e-commerce. 

Read on to know more.  

1. Tell us about your life journey, Alexandra?  

I grew up in central New Jersey and went to undergrad at West Virginia University, where I graduated with a degree in communications, leadership studies, and public relations. 

I started freelance blogging while I was backpacking around the world after college, and then came back stateside for a job at a content marketing agency. There, I led content programs for household brand names like Verizon, Four Seasons, and Stainmaster. 

This work earned awards from the Content Marketing Institute and the Custom Content Council. I had a brief stint at Wake Forest Baptist Health before striking out on my own. Now, I specialize in optimizing and writing content for B2B tech companies like Shopify, Wave, Oberlo, and more.

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2. Can you specify/ decode your favorite ad copy? 

I actually love content. I know there is some debate in the copywriting community about whether it counts as “copy” or not and i don’t care about anyone’s opinion – it’s part of the buyer journey and it plays an important role in awareness, nurturing, and retention. 

My favorite kind of content is content that’s aware of not only its audience but their goal at that exact point in their journey. That content successfully but subliminally guides them through to the next phase, answering questions and heading off objections along the way.

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3.  How has e-commerce copywriting emerged in recent years?

I think there’s a lot more awareness of the role copy plays in the purchase process. Especially now with more people shopping online and being stuck at home, they’re relying more heavily on product photos and the accompanying copy.

The most effective copy is on-brand, creative, and functional. It has a purpose and intentionally serves that purpose.

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4. What is the biggest challenge a newbie copywriter faces? 

Either Imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence or lack of action. People get stuck at the information phase — they’ve read the books, taken the courses, etc. but haven’t put anything into practice. 

But often what keeps them from doing that is this nagging little voice that says you’re not a “real” copywriter. Wherever that comes from, try to squash it. Literally every single human I’ve met has done the whole “fake it til you make it” thing to a certain extent. Just don’t rip anyone off 🙂

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5. What are the important things copywriters need to know about advertising? 

The purpose for each bit of copy. An article is going to sound way different than a landing page. A billboard is going to have different words than a social media ad.

You have to know the channel and the audience and the bigger picture — what’s the overarching strategy and goal? And then what type of messaging and words are appropriate for that channel.

There are a lot of different parts to keep in mind but putting this all together is so important for writing effective advertising copy.

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