Top 13 Indian Startups with The Best Twitter Account

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This list is not in any particular order. The idea behind compiling this list is to learn from these startups and at the same time share the learning with other startups.

When it comes social media marketing, most Organizations prefer Facebook over Twitter.

But do you know? – 51% of active users follow companies and brands on social media and Twitter users follow a brand 3 times more than the Facebook users

And 67% users are more likely to buy products they see on Twitter.

Basically, startups can not take Twitter lightly and need to engage its followers.

Here are Top 13 Indian Startups who have cracked Twitter marketing with awesome engagement and currently have The Best ‘Twitter’ account


CASHe, a fin-tech product provides short term personal loans to young salaried professionals on an app.

CASHe - best twitter accounts

2. Crofarm

An agri-tech startup aimed at improving the supply chain for fresh produce.

Crofarm - best twitter accounts

3. Cube Wealth

Cube Wealth brings you expert advisors with results of 44.25% average over the last 9 years. Set up a portfolio or select your own investments.

Cube Wealth - best twitter accounts

4. IndiQube

A revolutionary concept in efficiency through shared business spaces, infrastructure, and employee amenities.

IndiQube - best twitter accounts

5. Mate Labs

Mate Labs trying to enable Machine Learning and Deep Learning to one and all. Irrespective of whether a user knows how to code or not.

Mate Labs - best twitter accounts

6. MoEngage

MoEngage is an Intelligent Marketing Cloud, built for the Mobile-first world. With MoEngage, companies can orchestrate campaigns across channels.

MoEngage - best twitter accounts

7. Spartan Poker is an India centric online gaming hub that aims to bring the sophistication and quality of a world class online gaming platform to gaming enthusiasts in India.

Spartan Poker - best twitter accounts

8. RoofandFloor

They are simplifying the home-buying journey by using the right mix of technological innovation, artificial intelligence, and human touch.

RoofandFloor - best twitter accounts

9. Yulu Bike

Yulu’s vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute.

Yulu Bike - best twitter accounts

10. UrbanPro

Using, students, parents and professionals can compare multiple Tutors, Trainers and Institutes and choose the ones that best suit their requirements.

UrbanPro - best twitter accounts

11. Ustraa

Ustraa is the men’s grooming brand of Happily Unmarried. They create products, grooming content and everything.

Ustraa - best twitter accounts

12. INDwealth

A Wealth Management Company

INDWealth - best twitter accounts

13. Kissht

Kissht is one of its kind digitally enabled platform operated by Onemi Technology Solutions Private Limited with a vision to provide speedy and hassle-free credit financing to its customers across India.

Kissht - best twitter accounts

Our Selection Criteria

1 Number of followers

2 Quality of tweets

3 Hashtag strategy

4 Profile & Header Image

5 Bio included

6 Overall engagement

Almost 29% small companies witnessed increment in sales when started promoted on Twitter. So what are you waiting for?

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