Top 11 Indian Startups with the Best About us Page

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A good “About Us” page can increase your conversion rate by 13%.

No one told you that, right?

Most of the companies specially startups generally spend less time
in writing this crucial page than what it takes to make Maggi.

But here are 11 startups who realised the importance of ‘About Us’ page and created it to build personal connection and credibility.

Top 11 Indian Startups with Best About us Page

1 Quizizz

Quizizz - best about us pages

Why: They have displayed their previous work/experience in a fun way.

2 Smartivity

Smartivity - best about us pages

Why: They have presented in an innovative and easy manner which makes it unique.

3 Zippserv

Zippserv - best about us pages

Why: They have clearly explained the existing problem and how they are solving it. The journey part is explained with the help of diagram rather than text.

4 Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital - best about us pages

Why: The highlight of this page is mainly its catchy headline. The vision section is explained with the help of image which is quite unique.

5 PaperKing

PaperKing - best about us pages

Why: They have presented more in less. The explanatory video is also very good.

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6 Keebee

Keebee - best about us pages

Why: First they made a personal connection with the audience and then they started selling products.

7 Earth Food

The Earth Food - best about us pages

Why: Very interesting design and way of explaining.

8 Eduvanz

Eduwanz - best about us pages

Why: Precise and concise.

9 Livehealth

Livehealth - best about us pages

Why: Straight to the point with very good interface.

10 Avishkaar Box

Avishkaarbox - best about us pages

Why: They created the page interesting with the help of video and almost zero text.

11 Hotelogix

Hotelogix - best about us pages

Why: Interesting way to convey one’s story

Important elements of an About us page

1 Personal connection

2 Trust building

3 Interactive and Interesting

4 Clear solution

5 Magnetic Headings

6 Company story/ History

As there is no human element involved in an online sale, prospective clients/ users/ employees look for that personal connect before making any buying/ signing up decision. Thats the reason About Us page has become so crucial for tech/ online businesses.

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