Youtube Video Marketing Quiz

If you want to increase your knowledge about Youtube video marketing, then check this Youtube Video Marketing Quiz and be an expert in it.

1. Q.What is the name of Tiktok like tool that Youtube has launched??
    a. Snaps
    b. Reels
    c. Shorts
    d. Clips

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2. Which of the amongst impacts Youtube SEO?
    a. Video sound
    b. Video artists
    c. Video players
    d. Video tags

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3. What is the name of Youtube’s premium ad offering?
    a. Youtube Ads
    b. Youtube Select
    c. Youtube Watch
    d. Youtube Direct

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4. What types of Cards can be placed in a Youtube video?
    a. Playlist
    b. Poll
    c. Link
    d. All of the above

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5. What are the two tools amongst the following used for finding Youtube SEO keywords?
    a. Vidiq
    b. Hootsuite
    c. Tubebuddy
    d. Video Cards

1. Shorts
2. Video tags
3. Youtube Select
4. All of the above
5. Vidiq & Tubebuddy

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