Learn about Youtube Video Analytics from Phil Starkovich – CEO, ‘TUBE Buddy’

The more narrow your initial niche, the more impact you can make for your audience – Says Phil Starkovich.

Phil Startkovich – CEO and Co-founder of Tube Buddy, says “I built a tool that saves time”.

TubeBuddy is a Free browser extension that adds a layer of exceptional functionality right on top of YouTube’s website.

Phil handles the overall vision and direction of TubeBuddy. In addition to software development, he manages partnerships and whatever else may come up day-to-day.

Read on to know what Phil has to say. 

1. Tell us about your life journey, Phil?

I’ve always loved computer programming and sold my first video game on America Online when I was 13 years old. 

I always continued programming on my own and after I graduated from college I got a job as a programmer in San Diego, California. 

I soon decided that I wanted to see if I could sell my own software for a living and created a successful product for marketing on MySpace. 

After MySpace died out, we created a similar product for YouTube which eventually led to us building TubeBuddy. 

2. What prompted you to start ‘TubeBuddy’?

We worked closely with the YouTube community and saw how inefficient the YouTube website was. 

By building a browser extension, we could create tools that streamline and automate a lot of tedious tasks on YouTube. 

We also saw people using multiple websites for research and decided to bring all of that data from other areas into one place on YouTube. 

We knew early on that we had something special when customers started telling us how much they loved it. 

3. How TubeBuddy exactly helps Video Marketers?

It’s really broken up into 2 areas: productivity and SEO. 

–> On the productivity side, we help people streamline their workflow on YouTube’s website by using templates, a thumbnail generator and a bulk processing tool. That time saved can be put into other more useful tasks. 

–> The other big piece of TubeBuddy is related to video SEO. We help video marketers craft the perfect titles, descriptions and tags to help your videos get found in search results and seen. 

4. According to you, what is the future of Digital Video marketing and Analytics?

I continue to see a few trends in video marketing. 

One is giving people a behind the scenes look at your business. 

Beyond knowing your product or service, they want to know and see the people behind the product. 

The more you’re able to make that direct connection between yourself and the audience, the more loyalty you’ll have. 

We also see influencer marketing expanding. More and more, companies aren’t selling their products directly, they are being sold by influencers in the industry through branded deals. 

5. What advice you would like to give to newbie video content marketers?

When it comes to YouTube, I would suggest that a newbie focuses on their niche and ensures they are providing value to the viewer. 

The more narrow your initial niche, the more impact you can make for your audience. 

As you grow, you can expand but when you start, stay focused. 

Make sure you are giving people a reason to watch and providing value. Don’t just sell a product. Connect with the audience, build their trust and integrate your products and services naturally. 

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