Video Marketing Quiz – Level ‘Moderate’

Test your Video Marketing Knowledge by taking this quiz


1. Which mobile app was banned by Tamil Nadu April 2019 in India? 
    a. Snapchat 
    b. Tiktok
    c. Whatsapp
    d. Facebook 
2. What is the resolution of HD video? 
    a. 640p
    b. 720p
    c. 1080p
    d. 1280p 
3. Which social media platform does not have live video feature for all users? 
    a. Youtube
    b. Instagram
    c. Tiktok
    d. Facebook 
4. Which social media launched live video feature in 2019? 
    a. Facebook
    b. Instagram
    c. Linkedin
    d. Twitter
5. What is the resolution of a Full HD (FHD) video? 
    a. 1080p
    b. 720p
    c. 640p
    d. 1280p
6.What is the saved record format of video on Android phones? 
    a. MP4
    b. FLV
    c. WMV
    d. AVI
7. Which one is the World's second largest search engine? 
    a. Bing
    b. Youtube
    c. Yahoo
8. Which is the parent company of TikTok? 
    a. Bytedance
    c. Douyin
    d. Snapchat
9. What maximum duration of a video snap can be viewed on Snapchat? 
    a. 5 Seconds
    b. 10 Seconds
    c. 15 Seconds
    d. 30 Seconds
10. Which is the international version of the Chinese app Douyin? 
    a. Snapchat
    b. Tiktok
    c. Twitter
    d. Instagram
11. Which social media will now collect age for showing alcohol ads? 
    a. Facebook
    b. Instagram
    c. Linkedin
    d. Twitter
12. What is the resolution of a 4K video? 
    a. 1080p
    b. 720p
    c. 2160p
    d. 1280p
13. How many followers do you need to go live on TikTok? 
    a. 5000
    b. 10000
    c. 1000
    d. 6000
14. Which new online video platform was launched in 2018? 
    a. Facebook Watch 
    b. Instagram IGTV
    c. Outbrain FOCUS
    d. All of the above
15. Which social media platform recently launched Bitmoji TV? 
    a. Instagram 
    b. Snapchat
    c. Twitter
    d. Youtube
16. Who recently launched dark mode for low light situations? 
    a. Instagram 
    b. Tiktok
    c. Snapchat
    d. Youtube
17. What was the original idea of Youtube? 
    a. Dating Website
    b. Matrimonial Website
    c. E-Commerce Website
    d. Magazine Website
18. What is the name of Google's own short video platform similar to TikTok? 
    a. Fireworks
    b. Tiktik
    c. Tangi
    d. Like App
19. Which video platform has started collecting and using data on kids content? 
    a. Youtube
    b. Tiktok
    c. Instagram
    d. Vimeo


1. Tiktok
2. 720p
3. Tiktok
4. Linkedin
5. 1080p
6. MP4
7. Youtube
8. Bytedance
9. 10 Seconds
10. Twitter
11. Instagram
12. 2160p
13. 1000
14. All of the above
15. Snapchat
16. Tiktok
17. Dating Website
18. Tangi
19. Youtube

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